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Just Got Back with a Haggard Face!!!

14 Sep

I took a rest from posting here so I am sorry!!! >.<

Well,I had exams for the past few weeks and all I did was to open may Facebook and at the same time studied my notes.Studying for my majors is a bit of a heavy work.

I have to review everyday and every night.3 weeks ago we had an exam in Contemporary Politics.Last week we had an exam in Public Policy and in Society and Government Politics!…Hell!!!Everything's difficult.Well,I studied and I think it went well for me.

Just this morning we had an exam for International Politics for 2 hours and 30 minutes!!!I finished the exam but in the end all I got is a numb hand,numb because of excessive writing!I wrote too many answers!I'm crossing my fingers now!I love that subject actually and I am hoping for a high grade.

I noticed that I keep on blogging about my school works and activities.Maybe because my life's too boring and all I ever do is to study,but it is better this way! (Uwaa~I'm craving for Cappuccino!—random thought)

I've been sleeping late at night than usual just because of studying.I've been craving for food in between meals and I'm locking myself up in my room ever since the semester started!!!I am becoming much of an introvert!!

I think this is good progress of my individuality.But you see,I got more pimples!!!!My forehead sucks!!!!!!More pimples and more pimples!!!I'm having an oily face too,oiler than the usual!!My face sucks!!!!I better try sleeping early————-but I can't!!!I have an exam again next week and I have 359 pages of the book and I have a report on Thursday!!!!

My beloved facial babies won't work anymore!!I'm getting a stressed face day by day!

Maybe I'll get back on sleeping early the week after next week!!Hohoho!!!!


Top 5?

18 Aug


Just wanna blog about my recent disappointment (not really disappointment,but something that made me doubt myself).

We were having a class on one of our majors, when a senpai who graduated last year entered our class to promote his organization.

The organization he promoted is something that were formed by the Law students of our university and they now wanted to expand that’s why they are to recruit members to attend a seminar. They chose to recruit pre-law courses students (I’m talking about the AB Political Science course).

All of us were fascinated about the ‘seminar’ he was talking about. Of course, I was also interested.It’s for the pre-law course students after all!!!

The seminar is to take place on the 25th and it’s in a prestigious hotel with free registration,food and accommodation. Such a classy opportunity,right?

I certainly was determined to join the seminar.

But this senpai suddenly mentioned about ‘slots’.Apparently, there are only 5 slots available for the Juniors.

Seriously?Only 5 slots??!!!

The senpai also mentioned about the 5 slots that as much as possible will only be allotted to the Top 5 students of the class.I felt like my 100% determination diminished into 60%.

It’s not that I am not confident that I am in the Top 5. It’s just that ever since grade school to high school,I was underrated. I was an honor student from nursery to the 3rd grade. But I didn’t made it to the top after that.

I am now in college so I decided to change my ways. I became more responsible and my efforts rewarded me since I got high grades but I can’t say that I am one of the best in class.

Some classmates assured me that I belong to the Top 5, but that thought just won’t sink in to me. I don’t know why.

So,I felt discriminated about the seminar and the ‘Top 5’ thingy. I also felt sad for my classmates.

I got bad vibes and told myself that that seminar is just nothing but a discriminatory forum.

After that, I was already displaying my bad attitude. My classmates can’t help but got scared of me. I was really scary anyway.I am not mad because I may be have no chance of getting a slot.I am mad because of this ‘Top 5’ requirement.

The senpai left the class.

The professor,getting back to the lecture, asked us, “So,class. Who wants to join?”

Without any second thoughts I told him, ” Sir,unsa man na oi. What’s with the TOP 5 requirement?Murag discrimination gud ang akong makita.Tanan man gusto mag-apil.” (Translation: Sir, what’s with this?What’s with the TOP 5 requirement?It seems like a discrimination for me.Everybody wants to join.”

He just looked at me.After a few minutes, he suggested that we should have ‘draw lots’ to determine the 5-slot occupants. In that way, everything will be fair.

I agreed.All of us agreed.But in my mind, I don’t care already if I am not chosen.I was in a bad mood already.

We finished the class first. After the dismissal bell, our classmates decided to draw the lots.

4 slots were then occupied by four of my classmates who were chosen because their names got picked.
At last, there’s only one slot left. I wasn’t even hoping of getting in.

But in the end, I got the last slot. They had picked my name.

“Hey,it’s you!It’s you!You got the last slot!”, a classmate, who was also picked,told me.

From the bad mood I had earlier, my face lightened up and I began to feel better.

I thought that maybe the seminar really was for me. Because if not, the last slot should been have given to the others, but luckily,they picked my name.

There’s still a week before the seminar but I am so excited now!

But the doubt of being an achiever still dwells in my mind.Am I really intelligent?Am I really smart?What future will a person like me have?

I don’t know what to think anymore.

The Junior Stage!

1 Aug


I am really really sorry for not updating the blog for months! I am busy with school works now that I am a junior! (Life as a junior is a stressful one! >.<)

So, here I am again to give updates about my everyday life! XD
My schedule became more hectic than ever! Reports are continuing to pile up and also there are these freaking floods of quizzes and assignments! Of course I am trying to cope up with them since I am trying to be more responsible.

I am aiming for higher grades this school year. I have a goal, right? To study in Japan with good grades and credentials under my sleeves.

As for reports, as what I had mentioned above, are the most time-suckers for this semester! I have 6 subjects : PolSci 60, PolSci 70, Polsci 80, Polsci 90, PolSci 101 and Humanities 1. All of my political science major professors gave us reports (with PolSci 70 as an exception). Tough works!!!!! >.<

I have to read lots of books and analyze the reports for me to be able to understand them well.

So far, I am done with the PolSci 60 report in which I delivered in front of the class about the policy-making and governance of Great Britain. I hoped for Japan as my report but I didn’t get assigned to it. Anyway, I enjoyed exploring U.K.

Polsci 80, Polsci 90 and Polsci 101 will have their time any soon! Gambarimasu!

For assignments and quizzes—–well they are brain-crashing activities! We had a surprise quiz and we had lots of assignments!!! But I did them all! Thank you, God!

Next topic is Momo being an organization officer!

I was elected as the 3rd year representative of a certain organization in school which focuses on human rights.

I wasn’t even planning on running as an officer since I didn’t know at that time if I am capable of being an officer or not.

But when I started to work as the Juniors’ representative, I find it very interesting to work! I love my position and I love it when my co-officers ask me for some help and others!

I am actually planning on running again next school year, I’ll be a Senior by then. I am aiming on running in the Political Science Department. I was actually interested on the ‘Vice-president for External Affairs’ position, but my classmate told me that I’d be better as a Treasurer.

Being a treasurer is a tough work, right? I’m afraid on handling money. But if they really need me as the treasurer, I’ll be glad to accept the position! Gambarimasu!

Last topic is about my Kouhais! The freshmen!

I really love my kouhais! The most active batch I’ve ever seen in my entire life!
They are energetic and really cooperative to their seniors!
It’s just that they sometimes look older than us! XD
I’m actually getting to know them one by one! I can already recognize their faces and names!
I just don’t know why but I like their batch!
Whenever I pass by them, I show them my smile and greet them. They would greet me back in return!
Maybe I am just getting so old that I am now able to realize the joy of youth! Hahaha!!!

For now, I am trying to change my study habits, the way I behave in school and my views for my future! I am aiming for a Cum Laude position. In our school, it is actually really hard to achieve the Summa or Magna Cum Laude position! Hahaha…

I am busy with my reports and my activities for the upcoming intramurals this last week of August!
As the powered up Junior, Momo will do her best in school and will take care of herself and her future!

Everyone, let’s do our best in school!!!!!

New Semester,New Stuffs!

2 Jun


How’s school?

For me,a new semester is just about to begin!

I am already a 3rd year college student!!!!How time flies so fast!I am getting older and older!

So, for the new semester, I bought new school supplies and other stuffs!

Here they are!

First in line is the Kimbel bag. It’s a leather and mid-sized one (not too big,not too small).Ever since, I’ve been such a sucker for kawaii and big bags.I usually buy backpacks or sling bags which are made of cotton or fabrics, and it’s hard for me to look at them getting so dirty easily and the dirts are really hard to wash off!As I get older, I tend to realize that the number of things I need for school are getting smaller and smaller. I don’t need glues, scissors and coloring materials and etc.So, this Kimbel bag might be just right for my everyday use. I bought this only at 890PHP! (Whew!Good thing it’s on sale!)

Second,I bought a Burberry wallet!My previous wallet is big and since I bought a mid-sized bag, it doesn’t fit inside my new bag and it occupies a large space!Plus,this wallet is good since it has lot of compartments inside,separating the paper bills from the coins and has a part where you can put pictures!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Next items are not my school supplies!LOL!They’re also for my everyday use. I bought a new shampoo and conditioner for my hair! Since I had my hair rebonded and colored weeks ago, I decided to buy the right hair treatments. I bought DOVE Instant Repair Conditioner and the DOVE Straight and Silky Shampoo. My mom said they’re good so I bought them!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Kawaii 4 hankies on the way!!!!I bought four cute handkerchiefs!Like I said, I have a fetish for cute things!I bought these hankies from the toy and character shop in a mall. (Note: That section of the mall is only for kids. But because I am a kid at heart, I dared to buy stuffs from that shop!XD)..So,everyday I carry a hanky with me and I need more of these since I lose them all of the time.Look at their designs!Kawaii!!!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

(From left to right) Penshoppe polo!3/4 sleeves!!!Next, the Penshoppe jacket!!!!!!!!!!I so love this piece!!!!!The third and last pice is from Fresh Gear,also 3/4!I don’t have much to say about these items.I don’t totally dig dress and other clothes.I jus bought them just because I needed to. But I chose them since they’re are comfortable to wear!All-in-all, I have 3 new clothes!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

2 new jeans from Freego!!!My size got smaller!I was so surprised when I fitted those pants! XD

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Next!Fruit Fave Watermelon Scent from Penshoppe!My favorite scent of all! I don’t why I’ve been using this for years. Apparently, it has become my signature scent in school! Some of my classmate says it smells like Banana!LOL!But actually it really smells so sweet!I can’t get enough of it!The bottle design also changes from time to time!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

2 pieces of notebooks for my notes and lessons!Each of these notebooks has 4 divided parts.Hohoho…1 lesson per divided part!So I have 8 divided parts for 2 notebooks!Look how thin it is!Very convenient for my part.Look!I measured it using my hand!It is not so big so it fits inside my new bag!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I also bought new pens!I love signing pens!Why?It’s because they make my handwriting so legible!LOL!Well,seriously I just love them!I also bought a new pen with a violet ink.Uhmm,just for fashion for everyone to know!I love violet!I bought a highlighter too to shade my important notes to keep me guided!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

A pair of Nike Casual shoes!I don’t wear sandals that much!I love wearing closed shoes just like rubber shoes and doll shoes!So when I saw this pair of treasure,I immediately bought this—–or rather,I had my father buy this for me!LOL!

Hmmm…There’s this one thing that I noticed about the stuffs that I bought earlier today. I got matured ne~ when it comes to choosing things!I settled to the things which are more comfortable and are really needed!Unlike in the past,I’d rather have a big and bulky bag loaded with lots of cute and useless things and in the end will throw them away!Hohoho~!I’m excited to use all of these stuffs!!!

My ‘Revised’ Plan for my Future~

26 May

Another post for tonight,people~!

So to those people who read my blog, I think you already know that I aspire to become a lawyer someday, ne?

Actually, after graduating from Political Science by 2014 (with me attaining my Bachelor’s Degree), I already planned to proceed on studying Law in a university here in my country.

With me finishing Law, I think I can go to Japan whenever I want.

It’s just that 2 days ago,a funny thing happened.

I saw this MEXT scholarship online.It seems that the submission of applications will be on next week Monday (May 28,2012).

Of course it is my dream to visit Japan, so I had this Adrenaline rush and I talked to my father.

Here’s the conversation:

Me: Hey,pop. i saw this MEXT scholarship online. It is for a scholarship to study in Japan.

Pop: Hmmm…For what level?

Me: Undergraduate, Research, Special Training and others.

Pop: What’s your plan? Apply for the undergraduate level?

Me: Yep.

Pop: Studying for the undergraduate program in Japan will take you for more than 3 years. How about your PolSci here?

So what I did was to nod and told my father that I won’t pursue on applying. It is such a waste y’know! I have all the qualifications!

I went back to my laptop table and resumed on surfing the internet. What I didn’t expect to happen was that pop approached me and told me, “Well,you can finish your Bachelor’s Degree here in the Philippines, then you can take up your Master’s in Japan. How about that?”

I didn’t expect those words from my father! It seems that he doesn’t like it every time I always bring up the topic about studying in Japan. He thinks that my main reason for studying there is just for jpop,anime,celebrities and etc.

Then I replied, ” Are you sure about that?Okay, so after I finish my Master’s, I can go back here in the Philippines and pursue Law?”

Here’s his reply,” You want to go back here immediately? Why don’t you take up Doctoral there too?It would be great to see your name ‘Dr. ______________________________’!” (imagine my name on the blank please!XD)

My eyes widened!My father’s serious and he’s not just bluffing!!!What happened?!There can be miracles sometimes!Hahahaha….

So, I visited each university’s websites and looked for Masteral and Doctoral Program for Political Science or International Relations since they’re connected to my supposed-to-be degree by 2014.

My #1 choice is WASEDA UNIVERSITY.
I am loving Waseda just by reading their descriptions and everything!I think it’s a good school!!!!

The others are Nagoya University, Keio University, Meiji University, Ritsumeikan University and Tsukuba University.

I already contacted Waseda via e-mail.They told me that I should be 22 years old or above for me to be able to get into their Graduate School of Political Science.

I am just 20 years old by the time I graduate on 2014.So I still have 2 more years to fill. So what I’m planning to do is to study Law for 2 years and by the time when I turn 22, I’ll be applying again for the scholarship.

I will finish my Law after I get back here from Japan!

I did a ‘little’ revision of my future plans~!Hahaha!!!

I am so eager to study in Japan.

What I am after of is the experience and the quality of education.

Well, seeing my idols in person is also a reason! Teehee!!!

So that’s it everyone!I’ll be working hard for my studies here before 2014!

Oh yeah, I am also studying Kanji characters now!

The ‘No Summer’ Gang!

20 May

Hey, peeps!

The picture here in this entry is the group I was always with the whole summer!

9 of us are from the Political Science Department and the other one (the guy with the specs) is from the History Department.

We shared good time together for weeks!

Though we’ll see each other this coming June again, we terribly miss each other’s company!!!!!

Here’s a picture of the Green Hearts Team with our Educ104 professor!

Educ 104 and the Advocacy!

20 May

If you guys remember that a few months ago I blogged about having no summer vacation for myself!

It indeed happened!I literally didn’t had a vacation!

We had two subjects: Education 103 which is Guidance and Counseling, and Education 104: Student’s Assessment Learning.

They are crash courses!We really had to meet everyday, sit in a four-cornered classroom for 2 hours each subject!Time passed so fast! After 2 weeks, we already had our midterms. Then after another 2 weeks, we had our finals!

I enjoyed my Educ 104 subject.


Well, I always complain that I always have nothing to do!I have lots of free time! Education 104 actually gave me a busy and loaded schedule!

I am the class secretary for Educ 104 and I have to do almost everything in the class like recording the scores, check the attendance, encode the class list, check the papers and etc.

I was chosen as the secretary just because I have my own laptop.

AT first, I didn’t like the responsibility. But later on, I actually got used to it.

In fact, I was glad that my professor gave me the position. I felt so important. I was always busy!

I felt that my sense of responsibility had grown and improved a lot!

Then, we had our weblog advocacy which was a requirement for our Educ104!

We exerted our full efforts on it!

Take a look!

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