My New Year’s Resolutions~

31 Dec

I usually don’t have New Year’s resolutions every year but this time it will be different.I sometimes lose my composure on doing some things so I thought that I need to have a guide on what should I should for 2013.

So here goes~

1. I wanna lose weight.

For some reason,for the first quarter of 2012,I lost good weight without doing anything.I was even bothered by this.I lost weight without doing anything.My classmates even told me that I obviously shed fats.Hahahaha!!

I am too big for my age.I keep on telling everyone that I am not concerned of how big I am.But I’m getting old and I thought that when I become a lawyer and I got tooooooooo big,I may not look good with suits!People would say that I have a pretty face or something like that but they would always tell me that I should lose weight.

Last week,I weighed myself.I lost weight again without doing anything.Hahaha…I’d like this to continue until to the point that I can already wear dresses I usually wear when I was a kid!Hahahah…

2. Do better in my schooling.

I was able to improve my study habits and my grades for 2 consecutive semesters (Err.I had good grades before that too).But for this semester,I don’t think my efforts for the past 2 semesters are enough.I want to spend more effort in studying.I wanna get a higher GPA by the end of March.I still am not contented of what I had achieved for the past sems. T___T

I also wanna study Kanji at the same time and some law subjects.I know this would buy so much time but Papa told me that his parents are both Magna Cumlaude and his brothers too.It’s impossible for me to become one since I had a late realization of what I actually wanted for my future so maybe a Cumlaude will do??Hahahaha…I’ll try my best!

3.Maintain the cleanliness of my room.

That’s what I really wanna do for 2013.My room can get really messy and I can’t even sweep the floors everyday ‘coz I’m too lazy to do it!

But lately,I realized that sleeping has been hard for me since my room is too messy and I can’t move a lot.My dirty room is also the biggest factor why I always lose my composure on studying and I’ll be crazy if that happens every night!!!!!

4. Read more books.

I remember the time when I was still in high school and I could read 2 novels in a week.I read more of them than my text books.Hahaha…

Right now,I want to bring back that fave past time of mine.

5. Organize EVERYTHING!

I want to organize my plans,my time,my things and everything!

I am not good in organizing my things and I always lose stuffs and others.I go into panic when I need something and I couldn’t find it anywhere.

With time,I’m quite good in tracking it.But for 2013,I wanna do better.I want to be 30 minutes earlier in every appointments or things that I’ll be attending to.

I had a new planner so I’ll be using that to organize everything! XD

6.Sleep early.

Th earliest time of sleep that I can get is 12midnight.I always end up having droopy in eyes in school and for the first time in my college life,my professor caught me sleeping and I was so guilty!!!

I also think that I am now anemic so it’d be better if I get enough sleep every night.I look so haggard everyday!!!


Soooo,is there something else????

I think this would be all for now.I just woke up actually and I can’t organize my thoughts since I have a headache right now.I’ll update this post if I can think of something to add.


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