Volleyball- Ain’t my Forte???

13 Feb

I admit that I am not an athletic-type of person!I’d rather take examinations than to take practical exams in Physical Education Class.

PE 1 and PE 2 both were just easy subjects—–body exercises and dance.

Now on my 2nd year of college, PE 3 and PE 4 brought a tender anxious feeling on me!

PE 3 is individual sports (Badminton and Ping Pong)…So I was okay with Badminton.I can hit the bird many times. Well, Ping Pong—–it was my first time to actually try it. But later on,I was able to learn it and played with my classmates.

This semester’s Physical Education 4 is all about Group Sports (Volleyball and Basketball)

NOOOO WAAAYYYY~!!!!…I was really scared!!!

We started with volleyball since last November up to now…I think there will be no more time left for Basketball so that’s an advantage for me who can’t even shoot a ball on a basket!

Our instructor have been helping us ’til now with the basics of the sport. But I can see that I’m still not good at this.I can on missing the hits!!

Last week, we started our practical exams.

Momo was scared~!!!

First, is to volley the ball 5 times. I did it! I was able to volley the ball 5 times! Ureshii~!!!

This afternoon, we took the 2nd part of the practical exam.

All we have to do is to volley the ball 3 times then hit hard and make it go to the other side of the net.


I practiced first with my classmates but still I missed the ball several times!

The exam started. I’ve been telling my classmates how scared I was,how nervous I was and things like ” I CAN’T DO THIS!”, ” I’M GETTING SCARED NOW~!!”

My classmates encouraged me.

When it’s already my turn,I didn’t mind the people watching me.

So,I made a decent volley on the ball and hit it to the other side!!!

I did it! i passed the 2nd part of the exams!!


Haha!!Sorry fo the nonsense post!I’m just happy!!!


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