20 Dec

I finally got my braces last week!!!Braces for both upper and lower teeth.


It’s not that I have crooked teeth that’s why I needed to wear braces.I just have a high canine and 2 misaligned teeth.

A few weeks ago,I decided to visit my dentist though I didn’t had appointments with her at that time.I had my teeth checked and immediately she said, “Go and get braces!!!!”.Hahahaha…The dentist is a smooth-talker so she got me!Haha.

When I was in grade school,I had retainers for my teeth.But they were wrecked by my classmate!

While I was growing up I have this perception on braces that they are so painful (and YES I was right), and they might be able to tear up my gums!Hahaha!!My mom kept on pushing me to get braces but I kept on denying the fact that I need them.

So,I got my braces last week Thursday.I got them for 40,000php. I chose the traditional braces because I wanted to have colored modules per bracket!For the upper braces,I chose Blue modules and for the lower braces I chose Violet.

I didn’t feel anything while they were attaching the braces.I felt discomfort and a bit pain a few minutees after they finished attaching them.It feels like all of my teeth are being pushed.I can’t chew properly!!!!Since last week Thursday,I’ve been eating porridges,soup and congees.It’s hard not to eat foods you usually eat before.I can’t even properly sip my drink using a straw.

So just this Monday,I ate porridge again for breakfast then went to school.It was exactly lunchtime then when I felt my stomach grumbling.’I need to eat rice’,that’s what I thought.I felt like I could vomit anytime that day if I push myself to eat one more bowl of porridge.So I ate ‘pancit’ and rice for lunch.I was surprised that I can finally eat rice though I was only capable of soft bites.Since Monday,I can already eat rice for meals!Wahahaha!!!!

Anyway,I hope I can have my braces off in as early as 6 months!My case is not that much and is only minor so maybe years of wearing braces is not necessary.


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