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Gaki Fan Art!

25 May

Hey fellows!

This post is about my fan art for Gaki.

Gaki just graduated from Morning Musume and from Hello! Project ne?

I cried for a few days just because of her graduation.

She’s been one of my favorite Momusu member and I really like the way how she treats her juniors. I want her to be my onee-chan!

I so love Gaki!

With my new art materials, I drew Gaki-sama!!!

Gaki-sama,this is for you!!!!!


SHOCK!!!…..5nin and Body Pains!!!

15 Feb

The other day, I posted an entry here about me forming a dance cover group.Supposedly,it’s a 5-man team but unluckily,we weren’t able to find two more members.So,it’s fixed…..Only 3nins!


I was just shocked the other day when one of my close friends asked me, “When are we gonna start the practice for the cover???”

So she really wanted to join.I thought she was just bluffing.

4nins already~!!! (‐^▽^‐)

I thought it would be an imbalance if there’s a lacking member.Since most of the formations in the dance are pyramids,it would not be so good to see if there are two members on one side,one at the center and only one on the other side!

We asked a classmate——Well,she likes to dance and she’s versatile.She can go retro,contemporary and etc!

She agreed!!So we are 5nin now!!!!

She even said that she’s enjoying the jpop dance now.

I felt flattered!Hahaha!!…. (─‿‿─)

We started practicing as a 4nin yesterday and we taught the 5th member the dance just this afternoon.

We’ll try to finish the whole routine tomorrow!!!



From left to right:

Okai Chisato- member #4
Yajima Maimi- Classmate J
Suzuki Airi- Me!
Nakajima Saki- Classmate D
Hagiwara Mai- member #5



SHOCK!——-Getting Ready for a New Dance Cover!

13 Feb


Another new post!

Apparently, I’m in the mood again to do a dance cover…Together with new groupmates from my class. We are DokiDoki DanceNation!

Classmate D, classmate J and Me!!!!!

I love it whenever I’m with them to do a cover since the two of them are really devoted and are willing to learn anything!

We’ve been doing dances since last year November….Solo dances to be exact.

But due to our hectic schedules in the university, we eventually took a rest for some time.

I don’t know what came into my mind last week. I wanted to do a cover again.This time it’s a five-man team.

We decided to do C-ute’s SHOCK! dance—-this time as a group!

From left to right- Chisato, Maimi, Airi, Nakky and Mai

C-ute is an H!P group composed of five members.Apparently, we can’t find 2 more members to complete the group, so we decided to just lower down the member numbers to three!

I think it’s enough.

And the hell!

I will be doing Airi’s part! The entire song is almost sung by Airi! Except for the chorus where the other members get to sing with her!

Classmate D will be doing Nakky’s part a while Classmate J will be Maimi,C-ute’s leader!

But then I’ll do my best to create an amazing dance cover!

We’ll be shooting the dance this Sunday!


Buono!’s Deep Mind Official PV Released!

23 Dec

Just today,Buono’s Deep Mind MV was released!!!! *Banzai~!*

This was quite expected since the release of their single is fast approaching so this is a good move to promote the single.

So,about this MV——-I was quite SHOCKED!!!

Just by hearing the music preview from Gomennasai’s trailer,what came into my mind is an “Our Song” and “My Boy” style of pv.But then a very dark side of Buono! filled my screen! I was like, “What the hell is this?!!They’re freaking stunning!”

Airi's really cool here~!

The music video is a dark-themed one with poles and bars on the sides and a band playing the music as the background. The close ups are simply fantastic since they portrayed much of their rock-ish side very well and effects of lights on their backs.Few scenes from the band are also there.

What made me loved this PV more is that finally they already have their dance shot!Ever since the release of Zassou no Uta,they don’t have any dances so I am really really happy about this!I can’t give a comment yet about the dance since I need to see first the full version of it.But so far,it looks like the steps are really cool and very appropriate for the beat of the song!

The line distribution is fair for this single.Though I didn’t count how many lines each member got,I had easily determined that this song is not biased on only one singer this time and each one of them were able to let show off their voices!

This is such a great song from Buono!Please support this by purchasing a copy of their single~!

Buono’s Hatsukoi Cider PV Released

22 Dec

Buono,a three-member Jpop girl group of H!P,released their official Hatsukoi Cider pv on their official Youtube account.

The girl group went back to their upbeat style of music ever since the release of Natsu Dakara. I can really say that this song is really Buono-ish since it falls under the genres of pop and rock!

First,one thing that surprised me is that Momo’s back in the center.I’m really glad since for the past few singles it was Airi who’s in the center.So this means that maybe the rotational system might be applied again.

The pink suits are also stunning,putting a feminine-ish aura in the rock band-styled theme.

The MV as well is impressive though it’s simple.Especially the effects where the girls are taken a shot and the video just comes through them showing another scene. Also,the scenes where they walk on a mirror and the angles where taken from below!

So far,the video is a THUMBS UP!

Let’s just wait for the next release minna-DEEP MIND~!

Berryz Kobo’s “Aa,Yo ga Akeru” Review

20 Aug

Late review!! Late review!!

Since I haven’t posted something new here in my haven,I’m also late in giving reviews!

The topic for this post is:

Berryz Kobo’s ‘Aa,Yo ga Akeru’ single


A new image from our beloved BK girls!

From the cutesy RIVAL,to the stunning HEROINE NI NAROU KA and to the super sexy AI NO DANGAN,BK proved us again that they can switch into new image that perfectly suit them.I’m talking about the new atmosphere of the pv and the beat and rhythm of AA,YO GA AKERU.

This time,the girls were dressed in pinkish nightgowns and wore high heels.The outfits depicted more of their feminine and lady-like side,more like pure women than idols.

The setting is in a classy place (like a castle).Elegant background setting for the dance shot and the individual locations for each member added classical touch to the pv were taken.There’s this scene too where the 7 girls sat on the staircase while singing.When I went to some forums about the single,almost all of the BK enthusiasts compared the ‘Staircase’ part to VERY BEAUTY’s stair scenes (where the BK members sat on the stairs while singing–well this single was from a long time ago).They call ‘Aa,Yo ga Akeru’ as the ‘Upgraded Version of Very Beauty’.Hahaha! 🙂

The song is also unique.At first,I can’t easily remember the rhythm of the music since there are sudden shifting of measures and melodies in the song.But later on,I got used to it and I can even sing it without any copy or accompaniment!This song is perfect!!Really perfect!!

The line distributions are like any other BK singles (4 main vocals and 3 minor).It’s back to Rii-Miya-Momo-Yurina lead.I can hardly hear Maasa,Chinami and Saki sing,they don’t have any solos and always sing as a trio!

Screenshots from the Pv!!


Members’ Evaluation

SHIMIZU SAKI – I didn’t even realize that her hair has already gron this long.In Ai no Dangan it was like shoulder length and in Heroine ni Narou ka she used hair extensions.And her close-up shots are simply stunning!I don’t have that more comments about her this time! *peace*

TOKUNAGA CHINAMI – Just like Saki,she doesn’t have much lines here.But she looks good.Actually I think it’s the first time I saw her with that kind of dress because when I think of Chinami I always have an impression on her having a boyish and cutesy attitude.She impressed me with her curls and everything!

MAASA SUDOU – One of the members that impressed me with her look and aura in this pv!Maasa,I can say,is one of the Japanese girls out there that has natural looks.She looks so elegant with her appearance and I love the way she projected in this pv especially the part at 2:34!

KUMAI YURINA – I was shocked by this girl!The ever long hair is gone!Hahaha…But I admit it she looks fresh with her short hair.All this years,she’s been keeping her hair long.She looks very simple and pretty and so much lady-like.Her vocals this time are great as usual.Her part at 3:39 is so perfect,hitting the high note with a solid voice!

NATSUYAKI MIYABI – One of the girls that has a very distinct voice.What stands out from her the most is the ‘Hoo~’ part she did at 3:05 – 3:24(right after the 2nd chorus).Definitely,she is one of BK’s leads!She’s got very nice eyes here and also to mention the kawaii hairstyle!

SUGAYA RISAKO – This girl is not a human for sure,but a DOLL!!!So pretty and angelic as expected from the face of the group!Vocals,dance and projection exceeded my expections!Nice one,Rii!!!

TSUGUNAGA MOMOKO – My bias!!!I put her to the last part and my finale because I love this girl very much!She;s pretty and cute with her pale pink dress and curled hair.Her voice is of cutesy as usual!


Though this is super late I hope you guys purchased a copy of their single!!Keep the love! 😉

S/mileage Uchuoten Love Review

1 Aug

S/mileage’s new single Uchuoten Love (Ecstatic Love) PV has been released!

S/mileage released their 6th single ‘Uchuoten Love’ MV last week on streaming sites though the formal release of the single will be on August 3,2011.

As usual,S/mileage’s specialty focuses on cuteness and this single never failed my expectations.

The music has an energetic upbeat rhythm and has cute vocalizations.For me it is one of the songs which I can remember easily.The instrumental at the beginning is somehow really similar to that of a music we usually hear in disco bars but the following ‘Wahoo~!’ part forms a new atmosphere in the PV.And also like what I’m always expecting from S/mileage–line distributions are fair and are simply great!

The music video I can say is one of the best music videos I had ever seen (I’ve also commented the same on Momusu’s Only You)!!!…Different scenes were taken and lots of close ups and editing were done.We have the scene where the girls are singing in front of the microphone while others play at the back.There’s this scene also having a school girl concept : Saki playing with a pencil,Wada reading a book,Yuuka sleeping and Kanon doing some coloring.A few scenes were also taken from a Purikura booth. A handful number of dance shots were also inserted in the video.

Saki playing with a pencil

Wada reading a book

Yuuka sleeping

Kanon coloring


Member Evaluation:

Ogawa Saki -My favorite member and in my own perspective,she has the best voice and dance moves among them.Her voice here is easily distinguishable since the three’s voice are not so powerful (more like cute voices).For the dance,yeah she still is the best!

Maeda Yuuka– This girl really stands out,right???..When I first watched the PV,I immediately noticed her compared to the others.No wonder she has a strong fan base.The expressions she made in the PV also impressed me.

Wada Ayaka– The group’s leader.I really wonder why other people dislike her.I admit that for me,she does have a unique voice but not as good as Saki’s and Kanon’s but she can really sing!For the dance,she’s good!No doubt about it!She keeps on improving and I can really see that!!!!

Fukuda Kanon – My 2nd favorite member.At the start of the dance shot version (after the ‘Wahoo’ part) she made a mistake on her hand movements.But she didn’t repeat the same mistake again on the later part…..And Kanon’s overloading with cuteness!!!!…Expressions and voice and her innocent face stood out too!


The release of the single will be on August 03,2011!Everyone,please do grab a copy of this amazing single from our beloved S/mileage!!!!