Educ 104 and the Advocacy!

20 May

If you guys remember that a few months ago I blogged about having no summer vacation for myself!

It indeed happened!I literally didn’t had a vacation!

We had two subjects: Education 103 which is Guidance and Counseling, and Education 104: Student’s Assessment Learning.

They are crash courses!We really had to meet everyday, sit in a four-cornered classroom for 2 hours each subject!Time passed so fast! After 2 weeks, we already had our midterms. Then after another 2 weeks, we had our finals!

I enjoyed my Educ 104 subject.


Well, I always complain that I always have nothing to do!I have lots of free time! Education 104 actually gave me a busy and loaded schedule!

I am the class secretary for Educ 104 and I have to do almost everything in the class like recording the scores, check the attendance, encode the class list, check the papers and etc.

I was chosen as the secretary just because I have my own laptop.

AT first, I didn’t like the responsibility. But later on, I actually got used to it.

In fact, I was glad that my professor gave me the position. I felt so important. I was always busy!

I felt that my sense of responsibility had grown and improved a lot!

Then, we had our weblog advocacy which was a requirement for our Educ104!

We exerted our full efforts on it!

Take a look!

Green Hearts Site


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