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Merry Christmas! ☜☆☞

26 Dec


Another post for today!!!

Yesterday’s the 25th and it was Christmas day!

How did everyone celebrate their Christmas???

As for me,I celebrated Christmas by eating and shopping!Hohoho~!!!

Last Saturday,papa gave me money to buy things I wanted.The night before that,I already planned on buying coats and jackets.But sad to say,I can’t find any special or kawaii coats here in my place~ Awww~ 😦

I’ve taken a liking into Tanaka Reina’s fashion style so I wanted to sport it too but with a touch of maturity.Unfortunately,I’m not skinny like Reina so it’s hard for me to find coats and jackets that will fit my body. I found coats but it’s either they’re too small for me or they’re too big for me!Ugh!

Another stylish fact about Reina are her pajamas!!

I never wear pajamas when I sleep.I wear loose shirts and shorts.

Luckily,I found cute pajamas!!They’re not like that of Reina’s but the prints are cute so I bought three!I also bought a loose shirt!

(I designed the pictures in Purikura style using my phone~!)


I bought a jacket too which is from Penshoppe~

And look~look~!!!!I also my papa also bought a Rilakkuma utensils set!it has a pair of chopsticks and a spoon in it!using the money papa gave me,I also bought a necklace which looks a lil’ bit like Reina’s!Err…It doesn’t look like Reina’s but can be something that’s of the same style????Hahaha…


As for the foods,we bought lots of it!!!!!We bought Pancit,Lemon Roasted chicken and Fish Fillet in Lemon Sauce!

We had Sushi too~!!!

My papa’s co-professor also gave me a set of cupcakes!


Too many cute stuffs!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas celebration too!Let’s wait for New Year too!

I’ll have my New Year’s resolution be posted here soon!!!!


Shopping and a Date with my Best Friend!

4 Nov


Yesterday,I did some shopping.I bought things that I will be using for the new semester. Since I was able to achieve a really good GPA last semester,I want to set my standards on a higher level for the next sem.I want to get a higher GPA,better than last sem’s.It’s better to compete with yourself,right?Hahaha…So,with this,I’ll be needing new weapons! XD

I am actually not fond of recycling and reusing old things.

So,for starters,pop bought two pairs of shoes.

The first one is a pair of wedge…Umm…Is this a wedge??Hahaha…So sorry!I don’t know anything about the fashion language.Well,anyway,these heels,I bought them because I just felt like wanting to try them on.I’ve been wearing flats,rubber shoes and casual shoes almost 3/4 of my life.I’m not good with heels and of course,I’m also getting old that’s why I want to practice myself by wearing these.

The next pair is a casual pair.This will be the pair the I’ll be using everyday for school.I love closed shoes so I chose this one.And I also think that this is durable for walking since I always walk my way to school twice a day.

I bought a new bag too!

A Secosana bag!I was actually gonna pick the backpack-styled bag.I was torn between the two bags and it’s kinda hard for me to choose since they’re both lovely but I ended up choosing this one since it’s more feminine-looking!It is smaller but I thought that my small notebooks will fit in this.

The next one is a cute small pouch.This will be the pouch for my perfume,lipstick,lip gloss and hand cream.As much as possible,I wanted to also put my powder here but unfortunately it doesn’t fit in! I saw Tanaka Reina’s blog and she has her own pink pouch with a ribbon on it.Hers much bigger though!Gladly,I found one for myself too!

A pencil case and lotsa pens!!!!

I bought a Kitty pencil case!!Kawaii ne~?I was supposed to buy a different pencil case but the moment I saw this,without any hesitations,I took it!I’m such a sucker for Kitties!Next,are the pen.I have lots off pens but I just felt like wanna have new ones!I also bought a mechanical pencil.I don’t actually need it but I saw that my jpop idols are using this for their studies so I also opted to buy one!And as usual,I bought a new violet pen.Violet-inked pens are never absent in my bag! 😀

I have only 5 subjects now.What took me more time in the store was choosing for the right notebooks.I wanted my notebooks to be perfect since I’ll be using them for the next 5 months.Each of these notebooks are divided into 3 parts that’s why I bought two!

Also,yesterday,I went out with my best friend.It’s not a planned meet-up.Hahaha….We went to watch ‘Suddenly Its Magic’.Surprisingly,it’s a good movie.I had good laughs ’til the end.Haha.

She also gave me her birthday present for my birthday.It’s a card and a cellphone charm.My keitai charm matches hers (mine’s yellow and hers is black).The card—she never fails me to give a card in every special occasion.Aww~the messages she had written in the card,so SWEET!

We also went to Starbucks,ordered Frapps and had talks!

So the post ends here!I wanna go to school already but sad to say,the semester’s starting on the 12th!!!!!

Oh~I will be changing hairstyle soon!Will change the hair color and will trim the hair and get a treatment for it this coming Saturday!I will post an entry about it next week!!!!


New Semester,New Stuffs!

2 Jun


How’s school?

For me,a new semester is just about to begin!

I am already a 3rd year college student!!!!How time flies so fast!I am getting older and older!

So, for the new semester, I bought new school supplies and other stuffs!

Here they are!

First in line is the Kimbel bag. It’s a leather and mid-sized one (not too big,not too small).Ever since, I’ve been such a sucker for kawaii and big bags.I usually buy backpacks or sling bags which are made of cotton or fabrics, and it’s hard for me to look at them getting so dirty easily and the dirts are really hard to wash off!As I get older, I tend to realize that the number of things I need for school are getting smaller and smaller. I don’t need glues, scissors and coloring materials and etc.So, this Kimbel bag might be just right for my everyday use. I bought this only at 890PHP! (Whew!Good thing it’s on sale!)

Second,I bought a Burberry wallet!My previous wallet is big and since I bought a mid-sized bag, it doesn’t fit inside my new bag and it occupies a large space!Plus,this wallet is good since it has lot of compartments inside,separating the paper bills from the coins and has a part where you can put pictures!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Next items are not my school supplies!LOL!They’re also for my everyday use. I bought a new shampoo and conditioner for my hair! Since I had my hair rebonded and colored weeks ago, I decided to buy the right hair treatments. I bought DOVE Instant Repair Conditioner and the DOVE Straight and Silky Shampoo. My mom said they’re good so I bought them!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Kawaii 4 hankies on the way!!!!I bought four cute handkerchiefs!Like I said, I have a fetish for cute things!I bought these hankies from the toy and character shop in a mall. (Note: That section of the mall is only for kids. But because I am a kid at heart, I dared to buy stuffs from that shop!XD)..So,everyday I carry a hanky with me and I need more of these since I lose them all of the time.Look at their designs!Kawaii!!!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

(From left to right) Penshoppe polo!3/4 sleeves!!!Next, the Penshoppe jacket!!!!!!!!!!I so love this piece!!!!!The third and last pice is from Fresh Gear,also 3/4!I don’t have much to say about these items.I don’t totally dig dress and other clothes.I jus bought them just because I needed to. But I chose them since they’re are comfortable to wear!All-in-all, I have 3 new clothes!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

2 new jeans from Freego!!!My size got smaller!I was so surprised when I fitted those pants! XD

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Next!Fruit Fave Watermelon Scent from Penshoppe!My favorite scent of all! I don’t why I’ve been using this for years. Apparently, it has become my signature scent in school! Some of my classmate says it smells like Banana!LOL!But actually it really smells so sweet!I can’t get enough of it!The bottle design also changes from time to time!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

2 pieces of notebooks for my notes and lessons!Each of these notebooks has 4 divided parts.Hohoho…1 lesson per divided part!So I have 8 divided parts for 2 notebooks!Look how thin it is!Very convenient for my part.Look!I measured it using my hand!It is not so big so it fits inside my new bag!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I also bought new pens!I love signing pens!Why?It’s because they make my handwriting so legible!LOL!Well,seriously I just love them!I also bought a new pen with a violet ink.Uhmm,just for fashion for everyone to know!I love violet!I bought a highlighter too to shade my important notes to keep me guided!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

A pair of Nike Casual shoes!I don’t wear sandals that much!I love wearing closed shoes just like rubber shoes and doll shoes!So when I saw this pair of treasure,I immediately bought this—–or rather,I had my father buy this for me!LOL!

Hmmm…There’s this one thing that I noticed about the stuffs that I bought earlier today. I got matured ne~ when it comes to choosing things!I settled to the things which are more comfortable and are really needed!Unlike in the past,I’d rather have a big and bulky bag loaded with lots of cute and useless things and in the end will throw them away!Hohoho~!I’m excited to use all of these stuffs!!!

Tada~!!!New Handy Videocam and Textiles

7 Apr

Happy Easter Sunday,everyone!!!! ❋ ❋ ❋ ❋ ❋ ❋

Yesterday,I asked a fellow ATHENAZ member,Mikaru, to help me buy some textiles for my costume for our next dance cover.

We went to the mall and we had lunch and then we proceeded to the textiles section.

We had a hard time choosing for the right material since we also considered the money I had in my pocket at that time!

Mikaru is such a practical kind of woman when it comes to money and textiles.

I was able to save a great amount of money!

Here’s the textile~

Can you now guess what our next dance cover is?

Hohoho~!!It is still a secret for now!!!

Also yesterday,my pop already bought the video camera and a tripod that has promised me weeks ago!!!


I seriously wanted a video camera for ATHENAZ and we have one now!!!

More videos!More videos!!! ✭ ✯ ✰

Newly Bought Things (11.12.11)

14 Nov


Sorry for a week of silence!

Last Saturday I went to buy some things.

Here they are!!! Tadaa~~!!! ≧◔◡◔≦

Otakuzine Issue 63

It’s been years since the last time I bought an issue of this otaku magazine.When I passed by a certain bookstore,I decided to look for the magazines and there I saw several Otakuzine mags but never got interested in them.There’s this one issue though which featured one of my favorite Jpop groups,Berryz Kobo in their JMusic section and bought it.But to my dismay,the group’s portion in a page is too small to appreciate.The editors of the mag should have made use of their spaces more.A fan like me would be disappointed in these kind of cases.

Look how small BK's portion is!!!

Yatta~!!!…Thumbs up for my new Rilakkuma pouch!!!Yay! Yay!


Kawaii ne~!!!

These past few months,Domo-kun became so popular here in our place—yeah,very popular.So Domo-kun bags and other merchandise are so greatly purchased here by teenagers.

That’s why I got so excited seeing a Rilakkuma pouch!…SO I bought it immediately!!! XDD

Next in line a blue backpack from Kimbel…I don’t like the color blue but the bag looks cute though!

New Herbench footwear!! ≧^◡^≦

Take care of your newly purchased things as well,everyone!!!