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Merry Christmas! ☜☆☞

26 Dec


Another post for today!!!

Yesterday’s the 25th and it was Christmas day!

How did everyone celebrate their Christmas???

As for me,I celebrated Christmas by eating and shopping!Hohoho~!!!

Last Saturday,papa gave me money to buy things I wanted.The night before that,I already planned on buying coats and jackets.But sad to say,I can’t find any special or kawaii coats here in my place~ Awww~ 😦

I’ve taken a liking into Tanaka Reina’s fashion style so I wanted to sport it too but with a touch of maturity.Unfortunately,I’m not skinny like Reina so it’s hard for me to find coats and jackets that will fit my body. I found coats but it’s either they’re too small for me or they’re too big for me!Ugh!

Another stylish fact about Reina are her pajamas!!

I never wear pajamas when I sleep.I wear loose shirts and shorts.

Luckily,I found cute pajamas!!They’re not like that of Reina’s but the prints are cute so I bought three!I also bought a loose shirt!

(I designed the pictures in Purikura style using my phone~!)


I bought a jacket too which is from Penshoppe~

And look~look~!!!!I also my papa also bought a Rilakkuma utensils set!it has a pair of chopsticks and a spoon in it!using the money papa gave me,I also bought a necklace which looks a lil’ bit like Reina’s!Err…It doesn’t look like Reina’s but can be something that’s of the same style????Hahaha…


As for the foods,we bought lots of it!!!!!We bought Pancit,Lemon Roasted chicken and Fish Fillet in Lemon Sauce!

We had Sushi too~!!!

My papa’s co-professor also gave me a set of cupcakes!


Too many cute stuffs!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas celebration too!Let’s wait for New Year too!

I’ll have my New Year’s resolution be posted here soon!!!!


Starbucks for the First Time!!!!

29 Sep


Starbucks, a famous coffeehouse, just opened here in our city 2 weeks ago!

It’s in the ground floor of of one of our biggest malls here so I didn’t had a hard time on finding it.

It was only roughly 10 in the morning and the mall was just about to open.My father and I decided to hang out in Starbucks to kill time.

I was starstruck for real!!!!I’ve been dreaming of drinking luscious coffee from Starbucks since I was young!Mom and pop would always tell me that it is expensive or I’m still young to drink coffee (Seriously,is there an age requirement for drinking coffee?LOL!)

Last night, I’ve been thinking on what to order (Yes,I was this excited).I then remembered that one of my fave idols,Takahashi Ai-chan who’s a patron of the coffeehouse, usually orders Cafe Macchiato.She says that it gives her energy.

Without any hesitations,upon lining at the counter,I ordered Cafe Macchiato and also brewed coffee for papa.

Hell~!!Everything’s expensive!But I didn’t have to worry since papa’s with me! LOL!!!!He’s my financier,actually!!!I ordered for a tall Cafe Macchiato and also a tall brewed coffee!The Macchiato’s 140php and the brewed coffee‘s—–Oh boy~I forgot the price!LOL!!Sorry~!!!!

The crews are friendly!A female crew asked for my name for her to write on the coffee cups.

Me: It’s Momo.

Crew: Momo? *smiles*

Me: It’s just my nickname.

Crew: Momo’s a cute name! *smiles again*

Then she wrote my name on the cups.I wish she drew a bear instead!!Hahaha!!!

Since I wanted something to eat,I bought chips which the coffeehouse is also selling.It’s Kettle.I was shocked!Really shocked!!It’s 75php and it is just as big as a potato chip that’s worth 25php!!!Well anyway,it’s delicious and it’s imported so that explains why it is that pricey.It’s from u.s.,I think?

Pop promised that he’ll take me to Starbucks whenever I want!!!!Happy~!!!!

Oh yeah,Cafe Macchiato’s good! :3

Just Got Back with a Haggard Face!!!

14 Sep

I took a rest from posting here so I am sorry!!! >.<

Well,I had exams for the past few weeks and all I did was to open may Facebook and at the same time studied my notes.Studying for my majors is a bit of a heavy work.

I have to review everyday and every night.3 weeks ago we had an exam in Contemporary Politics.Last week we had an exam in Public Policy and in Society and Government Politics!…Hell!!!Everything's difficult.Well,I studied and I think it went well for me.

Just this morning we had an exam for International Politics for 2 hours and 30 minutes!!!I finished the exam but in the end all I got is a numb hand,numb because of excessive writing!I wrote too many answers!I'm crossing my fingers now!I love that subject actually and I am hoping for a high grade.

I noticed that I keep on blogging about my school works and activities.Maybe because my life's too boring and all I ever do is to study,but it is better this way! (Uwaa~I'm craving for Cappuccino!—random thought)

I've been sleeping late at night than usual just because of studying.I've been craving for food in between meals and I'm locking myself up in my room ever since the semester started!!!I am becoming much of an introvert!!

I think this is good progress of my individuality.But you see,I got more pimples!!!!My forehead sucks!!!!!!More pimples and more pimples!!!I'm having an oily face too,oiler than the usual!!My face sucks!!!!I better try sleeping early————-but I can't!!!I have an exam again next week and I have 359 pages of the book and I have a report on Thursday!!!!

My beloved facial babies won't work anymore!!I'm getting a stressed face day by day!

Maybe I'll get back on sleeping early the week after next week!!Hohoho!!!!

After those Hectic Days!

27 Jan


Do you guys still remember me? ☜(*▽*)☞

Hahahaha~!!!! I really really am sorry for not updating this blog since last year’s Christmas!I have been very busy ever since the year started and whenever I have lots of time,I put my attention and my time on Facebook and on researching different things in the internet.Whenever I want to write an entry here in my blog,I want to have a perfect mood without any stress and any troubled thoughts.So,for now I have my mind at peace!

Last Tuesday,we had our Natural Science 1 midterm exam!Actually,I was pretty nervous the night before the exam.I knew that I listened attentively to the class discussions and I took notes detail by detail.The problem is that I really don’t have the confidence when it comes to Science and Math-related subjects because I believe that I am stupid when it comes to these fields!But to maintain my good grades,I studied my lessons with the help of my notes and the internet.So far,I finished the exam for only 30 minutes and I felt really confident that I’d get a high score!Whew~I should not look down on myself like that again!Hahaha!!!

And just this Wednesday,we had our Spanish 2 exam!Well,I can say that I did my best and I’m expecting not to fail on this!

I am also relieved since I finished delivering my report for our Political Science major subject two weeks ago!I’ve been getting ready for it since last year.All we have to do is to read an entire book and deliver it in front of the class.So I reported mine flawlessly.Good thing I finished it without any problems!

For now,I don’t have anything to get ready for and I’ll just wait for the Final Exams week to come~!!!!


The picture above are just few of the things I bring everyday wherever I go!A violet small notebook where my summaries of lessons and reminders are written,a violet-ink ballpen and a lavender hanky~!!!It’s not that obvious that Violet is my fave color ne~!!!

I’ll be enjoying this time on posting entries here~!!!!!

Get ready~!!! ≧✯◡✯≦✌

Happy Holidays^^

18 Dec


Hello,everyone! ≧✯◡✯≦

Hounto ni gomen for not posting anything this past few weeks!I was busy in my school activities and completed all of my requirements before Christmas break!

Here I am,ready to mingle with my web lovelies~!

Now,all I do is lounge here in front of my laptop and surf all day long!

But I kinda like it right now since I’ve got important friends in my Facebook account that I talk with every night!

I also got scheduled days to mingle with them and I am super super excited for it!

Here’s a picture of mine wearing a red ribbon headband-a present from my mother!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,everyone!

Tomorrow is Bangs Day!

4 Nov

This will be my last post for tonight,fellaz!!!

I just thought that my bangs is now long and I can hardly see anything!

See?...It's way too long!!! XD

Hahaha…Now that I thought about it,I want to maintain my full bangs coz’ when I have it, I feel so Japanese-ish~!!!

I tried to fix my bangs on the side but I’m not just so comfortable!!!

Since I want to maintain my full bangs,I decided a while ago to have it cut tomorrow.But what I worry is that the possibility that my bangs might curl up since they are rebonded.But let’s see how it will turn!! Hahahaha…No matter what happen,I must cut it!Hahaha!

I wanna go to sleep so I went to take a shower to freshen up myself!These are the things that became a part of my every night routine!

Garnier stuffs~!

I’ve been using Garnier Light Milk Lotion for almost a year and I really find it good for my skin so until now I’m sticking into it.

The Garnier Pure Self-Heating Sauna mask is a newfound love for me!Actually,a very close friend of mine (my so-called sis) is using this and it’s cute on her ne~!…I can see everywhere in the net about Japanese models using face masks and I find it really amusing and so I decided to buy this.It is also worthy of using!

The Garnier Light Gentle Clarifying foam and the Oil Clear scrub are both thumbs up!…I’ve been using various facial wash but I never get satisfied with each kind.A friend then recommended these to me and I LOVE THEM!!!!!

Here I am!!…All freshened up!

Good night,everyone!..Sweet Dreams!

Make Up Challenge~!

12 Sep

Just a while ago,a (not-so) close friend of mine challenged me with regards to make up! Actually I’m pretty amateur when it comes to cosmetics but lately I’ve become so addicted to them!

Just this morning,I received 2 Mousse Eyeshadows from Ever Bilena which I ordered a few weeks ago.

Amber and Rose Quartz Mousse Eyeshadows

Upon seeing this,my friend challenged me to use this immediately.But she told me something that would be a twist for this challenge—- DON’T USE FOUNDATION,LIPSTICK & CONCEALER…Can you believe it?….NO FOUNDATION at all!!!

So what’s left for me are the following:

Amber Mousse Eyeshadow from Ever Bilena

Careline Black Easy Mascara

I removed the enitre wrapper! Sorry~

Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Tint

Ever Bilena Eye Pencil

Maybelline Fruit Jelly Lip Gloss

…And since I’m not allowed to use any face foundation, I just used a normal baby powder (Oh gracious!)
uhmm..the epic baby powder…. XD


So first, here’s my ‘before’ picture!….No make up at all!Please bare with my face!

Then,I put the baby powder first (whew) as the base. *Note: If you don’t want your make up to be ruined, you’ve got to use real foundation! This is just for a challenge!*

Taadaa~!..The pale face of mine just turned into pearly white!…And now I’m all set to get started with my eyes using Ever Bilena Eye Pencil.

I put the eye liner just below my eye actually.I don’t have symmetrical eyelids so it’s kinda hard for me to apply the eye liner above my eyes. The other eye is a monolid (hooded lid) and the other is a double-lid.

Next, I used Careline Black Easy Mascara to add effects. Since I didn’t put eye liner above my eyes, mascara is a must have for the eyelashes in this situation since it will add spice to your eyes despite of the absence of the eye liner.

Then after the mascara,I put the Amber Mousse Eyeshadow! I must say that it is really super duper lovely!!!! And it doesn’t even crease!..

Now, let’s proceed to the lips! I first applied the Lip and Cheek Tint from Ever Bilena. I put just small amount of it on my lips enough to make it pinkish. And since it’s somewhat dry, I applied Maybelline Fruit Jelly Lip Gloss on top of it to make it shine and glossy.

bare lips

with Lip and Cheek Tint from Ever Bilena

topped with Maybelline Fruit Jelly Lip Gloss

And to finish this challenge, I smeared a small amount of Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek tint on my cheeks.

Here are my pictures after this challenge! *Beware of the cam-whore~!!!!!*

So it’s my first make up challenge (probably the last!)!!!…I started using cosmetics since 6th grade but only lip glosses and eye liners. When I was in high school, I started to experiment with mascara and foundation but the school prohibits its students to wear make up.So now that I’m already a college student ,I’m exploring the world of make up! Hahahaha…

So please bare with my poor skills! 🙂