The Junior Stage!

1 Aug


I am really really sorry for not updating the blog for months! I am busy with school works now that I am a junior! (Life as a junior is a stressful one! >.<)

So, here I am again to give updates about my everyday life! XD
My schedule became more hectic than ever! Reports are continuing to pile up and also there are these freaking floods of quizzes and assignments! Of course I am trying to cope up with them since I am trying to be more responsible.

I am aiming for higher grades this school year. I have a goal, right? To study in Japan with good grades and credentials under my sleeves.

As for reports, as what I had mentioned above, are the most time-suckers for this semester! I have 6 subjects : PolSci 60, PolSci 70, Polsci 80, Polsci 90, PolSci 101 and Humanities 1. All of my political science major professors gave us reports (with PolSci 70 as an exception). Tough works!!!!! >.<

I have to read lots of books and analyze the reports for me to be able to understand them well.

So far, I am done with the PolSci 60 report in which I delivered in front of the class about the policy-making and governance of Great Britain. I hoped for Japan as my report but I didn’t get assigned to it. Anyway, I enjoyed exploring U.K.

Polsci 80, Polsci 90 and Polsci 101 will have their time any soon! Gambarimasu!

For assignments and quizzes—–well they are brain-crashing activities! We had a surprise quiz and we had lots of assignments!!! But I did them all! Thank you, God!

Next topic is Momo being an organization officer!

I was elected as the 3rd year representative of a certain organization in school which focuses on human rights.

I wasn’t even planning on running as an officer since I didn’t know at that time if I am capable of being an officer or not.

But when I started to work as the Juniors’ representative, I find it very interesting to work! I love my position and I love it when my co-officers ask me for some help and others!

I am actually planning on running again next school year, I’ll be a Senior by then. I am aiming on running in the Political Science Department. I was actually interested on the ‘Vice-president for External Affairs’ position, but my classmate told me that I’d be better as a Treasurer.

Being a treasurer is a tough work, right? I’m afraid on handling money. But if they really need me as the treasurer, I’ll be glad to accept the position! Gambarimasu!

Last topic is about my Kouhais! The freshmen!

I really love my kouhais! The most active batch I’ve ever seen in my entire life!
They are energetic and really cooperative to their seniors!
It’s just that they sometimes look older than us! XD
I’m actually getting to know them one by one! I can already recognize their faces and names!
I just don’t know why but I like their batch!
Whenever I pass by them, I show them my smile and greet them. They would greet me back in return!
Maybe I am just getting so old that I am now able to realize the joy of youth! Hahaha!!!

For now, I am trying to change my study habits, the way I behave in school and my views for my future! I am aiming for a Cum Laude position. In our school, it is actually really hard to achieve the Summa or Magna Cum Laude position! Hahaha…

I am busy with my reports and my activities for the upcoming intramurals this last week of August!
As the powered up Junior, Momo will do her best in school and will take care of herself and her future!

Everyone, let’s do our best in school!!!!!


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