My ‘Revised’ Plan for my Future~

26 May

Another post for tonight,people~!

So to those people who read my blog, I think you already know that I aspire to become a lawyer someday, ne?

Actually, after graduating from Political Science by 2014 (with me attaining my Bachelor’s Degree), I already planned to proceed on studying Law in a university here in my country.

With me finishing Law, I think I can go to Japan whenever I want.

It’s just that 2 days ago,a funny thing happened.

I saw this MEXT scholarship online.It seems that the submission of applications will be on next week Monday (May 28,2012).

Of course it is my dream to visit Japan, so I had this Adrenaline rush and I talked to my father.

Here’s the conversation:

Me: Hey,pop. i saw this MEXT scholarship online. It is for a scholarship to study in Japan.

Pop: Hmmm…For what level?

Me: Undergraduate, Research, Special Training and others.

Pop: What’s your plan? Apply for the undergraduate level?

Me: Yep.

Pop: Studying for the undergraduate program in Japan will take you for more than 3 years. How about your PolSci here?

So what I did was to nod and told my father that I won’t pursue on applying. It is such a waste y’know! I have all the qualifications!

I went back to my laptop table and resumed on surfing the internet. What I didn’t expect to happen was that pop approached me and told me, “Well,you can finish your Bachelor’s Degree here in the Philippines, then you can take up your Master’s in Japan. How about that?”

I didn’t expect those words from my father! It seems that he doesn’t like it every time I always bring up the topic about studying in Japan. He thinks that my main reason for studying there is just for jpop,anime,celebrities and etc.

Then I replied, ” Are you sure about that?Okay, so after I finish my Master’s, I can go back here in the Philippines and pursue Law?”

Here’s his reply,” You want to go back here immediately? Why don’t you take up Doctoral there too?It would be great to see your name ‘Dr. ______________________________’!” (imagine my name on the blank please!XD)

My eyes widened!My father’s serious and he’s not just bluffing!!!What happened?!There can be miracles sometimes!Hahahaha….

So, I visited each university’s websites and looked for Masteral and Doctoral Program for Political Science or International Relations since they’re connected to my supposed-to-be degree by 2014.

My #1 choice is WASEDA UNIVERSITY.
I am loving Waseda just by reading their descriptions and everything!I think it’s a good school!!!!

The others are Nagoya University, Keio University, Meiji University, Ritsumeikan University and Tsukuba University.

I already contacted Waseda via e-mail.They told me that I should be 22 years old or above for me to be able to get into their Graduate School of Political Science.

I am just 20 years old by the time I graduate on 2014.So I still have 2 more years to fill. So what I’m planning to do is to study Law for 2 years and by the time when I turn 22, I’ll be applying again for the scholarship.

I will finish my Law after I get back here from Japan!

I did a ‘little’ revision of my future plans~!Hahaha!!!

I am so eager to study in Japan.

What I am after of is the experience and the quality of education.

Well, seeing my idols in person is also a reason! Teehee!!!

So that’s it everyone!I’ll be working hard for my studies here before 2014!

Oh yeah, I am also studying Kanji characters now!


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