Just Got Back with a Haggard Face!!!

14 Sep

I took a rest from posting here so I am sorry!!! >.<

Well,I had exams for the past few weeks and all I did was to open may Facebook and at the same time studied my notes.Studying for my majors is a bit of a heavy work.

I have to review everyday and every night.3 weeks ago we had an exam in Contemporary Politics.Last week we had an exam in Public Policy and in Society and Government Politics!…Hell!!!Everything's difficult.Well,I studied and I think it went well for me.

Just this morning we had an exam for International Politics for 2 hours and 30 minutes!!!I finished the exam but in the end all I got is a numb hand,numb because of excessive writing!I wrote too many answers!I'm crossing my fingers now!I love that subject actually and I am hoping for a high grade.

I noticed that I keep on blogging about my school works and activities.Maybe because my life's too boring and all I ever do is to study,but it is better this way! (Uwaa~I'm craving for Cappuccino!—random thought)

I've been sleeping late at night than usual just because of studying.I've been craving for food in between meals and I'm locking myself up in my room ever since the semester started!!!I am becoming much of an introvert!!

I think this is good progress of my individuality.But you see,I got more pimples!!!!My forehead sucks!!!!!!More pimples and more pimples!!!I'm having an oily face too,oiler than the usual!!My face sucks!!!!I better try sleeping early————-but I can't!!!I have an exam again next week and I have 359 pages of the book and I have a report on Thursday!!!!

My beloved facial babies won't work anymore!!I'm getting a stressed face day by day!

Maybe I'll get back on sleeping early the week after next week!!Hohoho!!!!


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