Black Valentines!!!!

15 Feb

I know this is late but I really wanted to share what I did last February 14,2012!

Ladies and gentlemen———–this is a fact——–MOMO IS SINGLE!!!

Yeah!…It was 7am when I received a message from a classmate last Tuesday.

It says,

” Classmates!To those who are single,please wear black for school today!Please cooperate!”

What a coincidence!I was planning the night before that to wear black for Valentines!No particular reason!I love black and I just felt like wearing it for that day!

I went to school,wearing a black shirt!….Our class was so scary to look at!Majority of us wore black!SINGLE PEOPLE!!!!!

With my Rilakkuma backpack!!!

A classmate (wearing a black shirt too) gave me some chocolates!

M & M’s!!!!!

My classmate said that M & M’s means “Momo ans Massu”!!!Hahahah!!!

Here, I got 4 pieces!


I also got a half of Toblerone chocolate from dad!!!

I love chocolates!!!hahaha…

Belated Happy Black Valentines Day to me~!!!!


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