After those Hectic Days!

27 Jan


Do you guys still remember me? ☜(*▽*)☞

Hahahaha~!!!! I really really am sorry for not updating this blog since last year’s Christmas!I have been very busy ever since the year started and whenever I have lots of time,I put my attention and my time on Facebook and on researching different things in the internet.Whenever I want to write an entry here in my blog,I want to have a perfect mood without any stress and any troubled thoughts.So,for now I have my mind at peace!

Last Tuesday,we had our Natural Science 1 midterm exam!Actually,I was pretty nervous the night before the exam.I knew that I listened attentively to the class discussions and I took notes detail by detail.The problem is that I really don’t have the confidence when it comes to Science and Math-related subjects because I believe that I am stupid when it comes to these fields!But to maintain my good grades,I studied my lessons with the help of my notes and the internet.So far,I finished the exam for only 30 minutes and I felt really confident that I’d get a high score!Whew~I should not look down on myself like that again!Hahaha!!!

And just this Wednesday,we had our Spanish 2 exam!Well,I can say that I did my best and I’m expecting not to fail on this!

I am also relieved since I finished delivering my report for our Political Science major subject two weeks ago!I’ve been getting ready for it since last year.All we have to do is to read an entire book and deliver it in front of the class.So I reported mine flawlessly.Good thing I finished it without any problems!

For now,I don’t have anything to get ready for and I’ll just wait for the Final Exams week to come~!!!!


The picture above are just few of the things I bring everyday wherever I go!A violet small notebook where my summaries of lessons and reminders are written,a violet-ink ballpen and a lavender hanky~!!!It’s not that obvious that Violet is my fave color ne~!!!

I’ll be enjoying this time on posting entries here~!!!!!

Get ready~!!! ≧✯◡✯≦✌


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