Starbucks for the First Time!!!!

29 Sep


Starbucks, a famous coffeehouse, just opened here in our city 2 weeks ago!

It’s in the ground floor of of one of our biggest malls here so I didn’t had a hard time on finding it.

It was only roughly 10 in the morning and the mall was just about to open.My father and I decided to hang out in Starbucks to kill time.

I was starstruck for real!!!!I’ve been dreaming of drinking luscious coffee from Starbucks since I was young!Mom and pop would always tell me that it is expensive or I’m still young to drink coffee (Seriously,is there an age requirement for drinking coffee?LOL!)

Last night, I’ve been thinking on what to order (Yes,I was this excited).I then remembered that one of my fave idols,Takahashi Ai-chan who’s a patron of the coffeehouse, usually orders Cafe Macchiato.She says that it gives her energy.

Without any hesitations,upon lining at the counter,I ordered Cafe Macchiato and also brewed coffee for papa.

Hell~!!Everything’s expensive!But I didn’t have to worry since papa’s with me! LOL!!!!He’s my financier,actually!!!I ordered for a tall Cafe Macchiato and also a tall brewed coffee!The Macchiato’s 140php and the brewed coffee‘s—–Oh boy~I forgot the price!LOL!!Sorry~!!!!

The crews are friendly!A female crew asked for my name for her to write on the coffee cups.

Me: It’s Momo.

Crew: Momo? *smiles*

Me: It’s just my nickname.

Crew: Momo’s a cute name! *smiles again*

Then she wrote my name on the cups.I wish she drew a bear instead!!Hahaha!!!

Since I wanted something to eat,I bought chips which the coffeehouse is also selling.It’s Kettle.I was shocked!Really shocked!!It’s 75php and it is just as big as a potato chip that’s worth 25php!!!Well anyway,it’s delicious and it’s imported so that explains why it is that pricey.It’s from u.s.,I think?

Pop promised that he’ll take me to Starbucks whenever I want!!!!Happy~!!!!

Oh yeah,Cafe Macchiato’s good! :3


3 Responses to “Starbucks for the First Time!!!!”

  1. abigail101m October 7, 2012 at 10:15p10 #

    I’ve always wanted to go to a Starbucks. There EVERYWHERE in America….but I still haven’t gotten the chance to go to one.I’ll go one day…. just not soon. haha

    • momoai October 7, 2012 at 10:15p10 #

      It was my first too 2 weeks ago.I must say that it’s freaking good!!You should try it!!!Good luck to your Starbucks ‘journey’!!! :))))

      • abigail101m October 8, 2012 at 10:15p10 #

        hahaha… I’ll have to try it someday. 😀

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