Im Back!

13 May

Yes I’m back!I wasn’t able to update my blog for how many weeks since I’m busy working on my manga!You see,the manga’s submission will be on next week Thursday and since I’m from a far away city,I need to submit my work days before the due date since it will be delivered by a certain courier.


About my manga,it’s still in the “Making”!I have started working on it last April but sometimes I’m so lazy or tired or too engrossed at the television or at the internet and that made my work to progress slowly!The theme’s about “JAPAN-PHILIPPINES FRIENDSHIP”….That made me think of a plot for days!The story and more detailed facts about my manga for now is a total secret since I haven’t passed it yet.
So while working on my manga,I made drafts first and that took a very long time to finish–yeah,they’re just drafts!When I started to work on my first page (yeah the final output) I got the chills!Of course this is not just an ordinary manga I create during my free time but it’s for a formal contest!What made me more nervous is the fact that I’m using an A3 sized bond paper (legal size 2x)..It a pretty big one but I adjusted to it so well!The inking process is kinda hard.I’m only using cheap stuffs like markers,sign pen and a G-tec pen.I bet that the other contestants are super good and I’m not expecting to win anyway!
Right now,I’m working on my 6th page.4pages to go~!!!


Last week I discovered a jrock band!..Nope,they’re not visual kei or something!They are a rock band really!!!No heavy make up on!…So this group that hooked me up is ONE OK ROCK!Well it’s still connected to my idol group NewS since One Ok Rock’s soloist who is Taka is a former member of NEWS!You can see him in Nippon News PV By NEWS.I first saw their ‘Keep It Real’ video.Hearing that song made me happy and I don’t know why!Those guys are pure and brilliant talents creating such good music!Now I’ve set my sights on my favorite member:TOMOYA!!!He’s the on drums!I really find him cool!Taka’s voice is awesome and it’s very pleasant to hear!



Woot!To end up this post,here’s my newly polished nails!

It’s my first time to have red nails and I think it looks good on my nails! πŸ™‚


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