11 Sep

The drawing above is a depiction of what I look like right now!…Hahahaha!!

No!..I’m not blowing out fire!..Hahaha…It’s just that these past few days I am so depressed and pissed!You guys know why?

It’s about the speech choir event that I was talking about in the past few posts.Actually we weren’t able to defend the championship title (Yes,we were last year’s champion).We were just awarded as the 2nd runners up for the said competition and for us it really is a shocking verdict!

We were the 3rd contender to perform and just with the props’ entrance at the stage, the audience has already gone wild!I was almost teary-eyed upon hearing their cheers but I stopped myself from crying ‘coz the show was just about to start for us!

We performed for almost more than 6 minutes in front of everyone with big smiles and full of emotions.The presentation ended also with the roaring of audiences and their claps filled the air.

After our presentation,we just watched the other colleges perform.Actually we were really confident to win this time again since our presentation stood out among the others.

But it looks like luck has left us at that time and just grabbed the 2nd runner up position.After that,we were all saddened by that result.Some were already shouting; “It’s okay!At least we won though it’s only a runner up!”….But I know all of us were terribly shocked.Some cried,including me.I cried and cried just to release my heavy emotions.

Since the night of the 6th of September,I always depressed and until now too!I just immediately grabbed a marker pen and draw that ‘self portrait’ on a whim!

I’m angry and I am burning of passion!I’ll surely be joining next year’s speech choir competition to win the title again!

Momo, FIGHT-O!!!!!


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