Tomorrow is Bangs Day!

4 Nov

This will be my last post for tonight,fellaz!!!

I just thought that my bangs is now long and I can hardly see anything!

See?...It's way too long!!! XD

Hahaha…Now that I thought about it,I want to maintain my full bangs coz’ when I have it, I feel so Japanese-ish~!!!

I tried to fix my bangs on the side but I’m not just so comfortable!!!

Since I want to maintain my full bangs,I decided a while ago to have it cut tomorrow.But what I worry is that the possibility that my bangs might curl up since they are rebonded.But let’s see how it will turn!! Hahahaha…No matter what happen,I must cut it!Hahaha!

I wanna go to sleep so I went to take a shower to freshen up myself!These are the things that became a part of my every night routine!

Garnier stuffs~!

I’ve been using Garnier Light Milk Lotion for almost a year and I really find it good for my skin so until now I’m sticking into it.

The Garnier Pure Self-Heating Sauna mask is a newfound love for me!Actually,a very close friend of mine (my so-called sis) is using this and it’s cute on her ne~!…I can see everywhere in the net about Japanese models using face masks and I find it really amusing and so I decided to buy this.It is also worthy of using!

The Garnier Light Gentle Clarifying foam and the Oil Clear scrub are both thumbs up!…I’ve been using various facial wash but I never get satisfied with each kind.A friend then recommended these to me and I LOVE THEM!!!!!

Here I am!!…All freshened up!

Good night,everyone!..Sweet Dreams!


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