Shopping and a Date with my Best Friend!

4 Nov


Yesterday,I did some shopping.I bought things that I will be using for the new semester. Since I was able to achieve a really good GPA last semester,I want to set my standards on a higher level for the next sem.I want to get a higher GPA,better than last sem’s.It’s better to compete with yourself,right?Hahaha…So,with this,I’ll be needing new weapons! XD

I am actually not fond of recycling and reusing old things.

So,for starters,pop bought two pairs of shoes.

The first one is a pair of wedge…Umm…Is this a wedge??Hahaha…So sorry!I don’t know anything about the fashion language.Well,anyway,these heels,I bought them because I just felt like wanting to try them on.I’ve been wearing flats,rubber shoes and casual shoes almost 3/4 of my life.I’m not good with heels and of course,I’m also getting old that’s why I want to practice myself by wearing these.

The next pair is a casual pair.This will be the pair the I’ll be using everyday for school.I love closed shoes so I chose this one.And I also think that this is durable for walking since I always walk my way to school twice a day.

I bought a new bag too!

A Secosana bag!I was actually gonna pick the backpack-styled bag.I was torn between the two bags and it’s kinda hard for me to choose since they’re both lovely but I ended up choosing this one since it’s more feminine-looking!It is smaller but I thought that my small notebooks will fit in this.

The next one is a cute small pouch.This will be the pouch for my perfume,lipstick,lip gloss and hand cream.As much as possible,I wanted to also put my powder here but unfortunately it doesn’t fit in! I saw Tanaka Reina’s blog and she has her own pink pouch with a ribbon on it.Hers much bigger though!Gladly,I found one for myself too!

A pencil case and lotsa pens!!!!

I bought a Kitty pencil case!!Kawaii ne~?I was supposed to buy a different pencil case but the moment I saw this,without any hesitations,I took it!I’m such a sucker for Kitties!Next,are the pen.I have lots off pens but I just felt like wanna have new ones!I also bought a mechanical pencil.I don’t actually need it but I saw that my jpop idols are using this for their studies so I also opted to buy one!And as usual,I bought a new violet pen.Violet-inked pens are never absent in my bag! 😀

I have only 5 subjects now.What took me more time in the store was choosing for the right notebooks.I wanted my notebooks to be perfect since I’ll be using them for the next 5 months.Each of these notebooks are divided into 3 parts that’s why I bought two!

Also,yesterday,I went out with my best friend.It’s not a planned meet-up.Hahaha….We went to watch ‘Suddenly Its Magic’.Surprisingly,it’s a good movie.I had good laughs ’til the end.Haha.

She also gave me her birthday present for my birthday.It’s a card and a cellphone charm.My keitai charm matches hers (mine’s yellow and hers is black).The card—she never fails me to give a card in every special occasion.Aww~the messages she had written in the card,so SWEET!

We also went to Starbucks,ordered Frapps and had talks!

So the post ends here!I wanna go to school already but sad to say,the semester’s starting on the 12th!!!!!

Oh~I will be changing hairstyle soon!Will change the hair color and will trim the hair and get a treatment for it this coming Saturday!I will post an entry about it next week!!!!



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