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I Got a New Phone! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

26 Dec

As a Christmas present,my father gave me a new phone!It’s a Samsung Galaxy Note II!!!


I’ve been wanting that phone ever since I saw an article about its release.

It’s an android phone and its gargantuan size makes it pretty impressive!!!

I’ve been using Nokia phones ever since I had my first one (I was 7 years old then) and I never tried even once owning or using any other phones.Of course,as I grew up I’m also changing my phones (form the oldest Nokia model to the newest Nokia model).

Last August (or was it last week of July?),my father bought Nokia 808 PureView for me.I didn’t know that Note II will also be released a few months after that.

A few weeks ago,I got braces and it’s expensive,so Papa told me that he has actually planned on buying Note II as his gift on Christmas,but since he had already paid my braces,he said he’ll be delaying my gift and will buy it on June next year.I’m fine with it.We cannot afford to spend much money in a short while.

Last Saturday,while I was buying gifts,my papa kept on asking me what I wanted for Christmas.I can’t answer because I don’t want him to spend money again.I originally wanted a Note II but it’s too expensive.

Apparently,he has money in his bag ready for the Note II.So when we happened to pass by a Samsung store,he dragged me in there and frantically told the saleslady that he’d purchase a Note II.

I was shocked when he did that.He paid the Note II in cash. O___o

I’m really new into Android but somehow I’m already used to it.

Papa,sankyuu for the wonderful Christmas present!I’ll do better next school year!!!!