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Congratulations!!! ヽ(´ー`)人(´∇`)人(`Д´)ノ

11 Dec


Just got home from school!Too many things happened!

Our professors already gave us our reports!I also did well in a graded recitation in one of my subjects,our organization had some activities and others!

There’s no class tomorrow so here I am writing a blog post!

So,what’s with the title?


A special friend of mine actually passed the Kizuna Project which is a 9-day immersion in Japan and aims to expose the delegates from different countries about the Great Tohoku Disaster.

Right at this moment,she’s having a good time in Japan now.She’s actually included in the first batch!Ahh~WINTER!!!!!!I’m quite fascinated about Japan’s winter season!

I know that my friend will be able to read this right after her comeback from Japan.So,friend~here’s my message!

First of all,I wanna say sorry for all the scoldings that I gave you!Hahaha….Sometimes,you tend to be so pessimistic about things with regards to your intelligence,school life,problems and others.I know for a fact that you are smart and is capable of doing things right.You wouldn’t be able to survive your course for almost 3 years if you have no competence in school.I know you also have problems at home,but please do remember that you also have a life outside of that 4-cornered household.You also have a life with SF,your friends,US.We’re here every time you need us.Some of us may not be physically present but we’re always ready to listen to your sentiments….

Okay~So CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!…I’m kinda troubled because you told me that you got accepted in the program on the day before your flight to Japan!I wasn’t able to give you my list of the things that I wanted you to buy for me!!!!!!!Hahahaha…I’m joking!!!…..

I knew you can make it!You want this,right?God gave you this present because you deserve this!Life has been hard for you and God gave you this present to make you feel that life still has some surprises in store for you!I know you’ll be having a good time in Japan.Treasure each second of your stay there.

The best presents you can give SF for this Christmas are the memories and experiences you gained from your 9-day vacation and Japan.

Again,I repeat,GOD GAVE YOU WHAT YOU YOU DESERVED!!!!Be happy!Don’t look down on yourself and always believe that you can do anything!!!

I am so proud of you!!!!

Whew!Kinda long message,huh?Actually,my friend and I passed our requirements together.For the first time,I was able to skip one of my classes just to send my requirements.Luckily,my professor excused me and gave his support instead! Awww~…


Err~I don’t think I can get in to the 2nd or 3rd batch but I’m actually fine of whatever the outcome of the results is.At least, I have a friend who passed~

My friend’s coming back here in the Philippines next week!

We’ll be waiting for you!!!