Momo’s 19!!!!

21 Oct

Last October 10,2012 was my birthday!!Momo just turned 19!!!!!

Uwaah~Another year has been added and only 1 more year to go before I turn 20!I feel so old now!I can’t believe that I am this old right now. (>_<)

Being 19 is a bit different to me. Somehow,the feeling of being 19 is a very big worry for me.It means that I’ll be a senior soon.It means that I’ll be graduating soon.It means that I’ll be saying goodbye to my teen years.It means that I’ll be an adult very soon.

I still can’t get over the fact that I’m 19 already!!!

Oh well,so much for the worries!I should thank God instead for giving me the greatest gift I could ever have: another year of life! (^_^)

Also,I received gifts for my birthday!First,my papa and I celebrated it days ago before my actual birthday since we’re both busy on that very day.

Papa treated me to Starbucks with Chocolate Chip Frappucino and Caramel Belgian Waffle! Papa really knows what I want. And I treated Mama with Starbucks too.She said that it should be the birthday celebrant who should treat her guests!

After that,Papa bought me everything I wanted!!!

Kitty wet wipes and 2 floor mats!I certainly need wet wipes to clean my face and remove unnecessary dirts. When I found it in the supermarket,I felt that I had to purchase one since it’s too cute!As for the floor mats,just felt like I need one so I had papa buy me two pieces of it!

Next is the Acquasuisse perfume.My previous cologne is good.It has glitters and those shimmering glitters stick to your shirt and it’s adorable.But the only problem is that its smell doesn’t last long, hence I have to apply and apply again!AND THIS!!!ACQUASUISSE!!!!!…Kinda expensive for such a small bottle but the money’s worth it!!!!The smell lasts longer than I expected (from morning ’til evening)!Well,in the evening its smell is not that aromatic but it is still there!!!!I’m addicted to this!! (*-*)

Next,shirts!I’m a sucker for shirts with collars especially of the brand is Collezione and also pink Freegos!Whenever I wear Collezione it makes me feel like I can live it up to the image of being formal and at the same time being casual.I really don’t like girlish clothes.It doesn’t suite my personality.Freego shirts,well just felt like trying the brand out! (n_n)

Lastly, a silver ring!!!I’ve been longing to have another silver ring because the previous ones were lost and then I kept on using plastics and cartoon-themed rings!I really love silver accessories and the only jewelry that I like to wear is a ring.So,papa went to buy me one!Hohoho!!!

I also bought a diary.I don’t even know why I bought.Well,I find it really cute!Lately,I’ve been feeling so dramatic due to constant heartbreaks (LOL!). I want to tell that person my feelings by writing on a diary! (Please spare my drama,okay?!).I bought it with my savings from my allowance!Such a cute notebook and my ugly penmanship’s making it look bad!! XD

Last October 10,2012 was a Wednesday.We don’t conduct classes every Wednesdays but since the semester’s going to an end and we still have lots of lessons to tackle,the professor requested to have a make-up class.

I was actually happy that my birthday was on a Wednesday and that means I won’t be going to school and won’t be greeted by classmates.I don’t want to be greeted personally actually.I get shy every time this happens and I don’t even know why!But last October 10 was superb!!!!

I went to class early in the morning and I was greeted by 3 of my classmates who were already there.They gave me a present!AWWWWW~!!!

They gave me a Rilakkuma picture frame with my photo in it!They printed and wasted ink just for it!!!!!I wonder how much it costs???!!!Hahaha…

Second,another classmate (I treat this classmate as a cousin in school) gave me a chocolate!Toblerone!Yay!!!It was unexpected of him to give me one!We are not that close but we treat each other like cousins!

Lastly,another classmate (this time,it’s a classmate who I treat as a brother) gave me a coupon for a certain food chain for free meal and an umbrella!He’s a crew in that food chain and he needs to sell the tickets for the opening of the food chain’s branch here in our city.Of course,he will be paying for it since he gave it to me for free!I feel so grateful!

I celebrated my birthday with a happy face.It was the first time that I received gifts from classmates! I love them all!They’re the best classmates I ever had!!!

So,I bid goodbye to the 18 yr old Momo and now this 19 yr old Momo will start a new year!Yay!!!



The Semester has Already Ended!!! \(^o\) (/o^)/

21 Oct


Hi!I’m back!!!!!

Blogging has been very difficult for me since I’ve been busy with school weeks ago!But here I am and will be starting to blog again! XD

We just finished all of our exams last week and now it’s officially our semestral break!

I have to work hard to maintain my grades though the subjects are bit difficult and the pressures are too heavy!!! (._.)

It’s because that the date of my exams were almost of the same week, I have to find time and organize my studies!Y’know,I need to study some of them (different subjects) in one night.

So far,I’m contented with my performances especially in the subject of our Dean (my favorite)!

Whew!!Can’t believe that time passed this much!The first semester for school year 2012-2013 has already ended!In two weeks time,the 2nd semester will be starting!!!!

So,I’ll be starting to blog again!!Tatata~ (^o^)y

Starbucks for the First Time!!!!

29 Sep


Starbucks, a famous coffeehouse, just opened here in our city 2 weeks ago!

It’s in the ground floor of of one of our biggest malls here so I didn’t had a hard time on finding it.

It was only roughly 10 in the morning and the mall was just about to open.My father and I decided to hang out in Starbucks to kill time.

I was starstruck for real!!!!I’ve been dreaming of drinking luscious coffee from Starbucks since I was young!Mom and pop would always tell me that it is expensive or I’m still young to drink coffee (Seriously,is there an age requirement for drinking coffee?LOL!)

Last night, I’ve been thinking on what to order (Yes,I was this excited).I then remembered that one of my fave idols,Takahashi Ai-chan who’s a patron of the coffeehouse, usually orders Cafe Macchiato.She says that it gives her energy.

Without any hesitations,upon lining at the counter,I ordered Cafe Macchiato and also brewed coffee for papa.

Hell~!!Everything’s expensive!But I didn’t have to worry since papa’s with me! LOL!!!!He’s my financier,actually!!!I ordered for a tall Cafe Macchiato and also a tall brewed coffee!The Macchiato’s 140php and the brewed coffee‘s—–Oh boy~I forgot the price!LOL!!Sorry~!!!!

The crews are friendly!A female crew asked for my name for her to write on the coffee cups.

Me: It’s Momo.

Crew: Momo? *smiles*

Me: It’s just my nickname.

Crew: Momo’s a cute name! *smiles again*

Then she wrote my name on the cups.I wish she drew a bear instead!!Hahaha!!!

Since I wanted something to eat,I bought chips which the coffeehouse is also selling.It’s Kettle.I was shocked!Really shocked!!It’s 75php and it is just as big as a potato chip that’s worth 25php!!!Well anyway,it’s delicious and it’s imported so that explains why it is that pricey.It’s from u.s.,I think?

Pop promised that he’ll take me to Starbucks whenever I want!!!!Happy~!!!!

Oh yeah,Cafe Macchiato’s good! :3


27 Sep

The three words above are what I actually hate the most!

I know I’m just an ordinary teen with no potentials at all and has nothing to boast to the society.I’m just a thick-faced woman who can never accept rejection and criticisms (unless if they are for my sake).

I grew up under the guidance of my father and mother who are both perfectionists.

Okay,I’ll give a brief background of my parents’ personality.

My mom’s a government employee.She’s pretty and is admired by her friends, colleagues, sisters and even my classmates. So what would they expect?A pretty daughter,right?I know I am not pretty ( and I am not joking and I’m serious about it).She wants me to wear this and that,use this and that, and act like this and that.She wants me to be like her I think.But anyway, she’s always been proud of me ever since because I’ve been doing good in school and everything.

My father’s a professor–an excellent professor….And he’s smart…Really smart,actually.He’s got high expectations for me.He wants me to become a lawyer which at first was actually not my dream.Since I go to a university where he is also working,his eyes are always on my grades.I should not fail. Upon my graduation on 2014,he said that he wants to come up on stage.He wants me to become a Cumlaude at least.I feel so pressured.

So that’s it. I must say that I’ve got decent and perfect parents.I may feel pressured sometimes but I’m strong and I know I can handle all of those things.

It’s already in my nature to find for perfection.Though sometimes I say “Just leave it like that”, “That’s enough”, “All’s been done”, or “Let’s stop here”, I still look for perfection.

I want everything to be organized (except for my room of course ‘coz I’m actually lazy in cleaning it).I want everything to be followed according to what has been laid out.I want flawlessness in everything I do.I can’t sleep at night when I know there’s something wrong.

So,let’s start with Rejection.

I hate it when I’m being rejected.Why?Because I feel so useless.I feel like I don’t exist.I feel like I’m worthless.I know these are not the words that is actually from a person like me,but these are what I actually feel.

An example was when my kouhais,classmates,some seniors and I were doing projects for an exhibit.They were looking for someone to draw.Drawing is something where I’m strong at,though not that good at it.I offered my help since they’re having a hard time.I was ignored.A few minutes later,they’ve been worrying about the drawings that were to be drawn.They kept on finding someone who can illustrate.Again,I offered my help.My kouhai just looked at me and ignored me again.I felt so worthless.Here I am offering my help and yet I was ignored.I mean,it was a big slap for me also.I was a champion for a manga competition and all I want is to help my kouhais. I tend to develop a low self-esteem every time I’m being rejected.I feel like no one’s trusting me for what I can do and no one relies on me.I feel offended every time this happens to me.

Next is Disappointment. I do everything at my very best.I exert all of my efforts in everything I do.What I hate is that the end results of my endeavors are all lame.All of my efforts will be wasted,right???Who wants that kind of a mess?!

Here’s an example. Appointments and plans were made to be accomplished by a group.Some members were even fired up to do this and that.Then in the end,all I got were all useless reasons like they’re busy or they don’t have much time.I gave them considerations.All of the planned activities were moved.They kept on saying “Let’s do these”, “This is good.Let’s do this” and yet nothing’s been done!!!!!!!I got freaking replies and then my efforts were just like thrown away??!!!I don’t even want to spend my precious time on people who are imprudent!!!!!!!

Last one is Failure.I look for perfection in everything I do,so I want every thing without faults. It is already understandable,right?Actually whenever I experience failures,I am not like every one who sees these as lessons.Well,I am like that but only occasionally.I look at failures as the reasons for my downfall instead.I easily get discouraged.

A perfect example for this is an exam I took 2 weeks ago for a major subject.I studied for it.I did my best.I was hoping for a high grade.But in the end,I failed.It was such a heart-breaking happening to me.I felt like I was so dumb.

Why am I writing this kind of post anyway?

These past few days,I’ve been feeling bad due to several reasons–may it be rejection,disappointment and failure.I deal with these feelings everyday.I hate it.

I was raised by people who are perfectionist.I’m okay with it actually and I am happy to inherit some of their attitudes.

But being like this maybe is just a mistake and is a big problem to my personality and can effect people who are around me.But this me,right???

But I’ll continue being like this.Yes,I will.

Just Got Back with a Haggard Face!!!

14 Sep

I took a rest from posting here so I am sorry!!! >.<

Well,I had exams for the past few weeks and all I did was to open may Facebook and at the same time studied my notes.Studying for my majors is a bit of a heavy work.

I have to review everyday and every night.3 weeks ago we had an exam in Contemporary Politics.Last week we had an exam in Public Policy and in Society and Government Politics!…Hell!!!Everything's difficult.Well,I studied and I think it went well for me.

Just this morning we had an exam for International Politics for 2 hours and 30 minutes!!!I finished the exam but in the end all I got is a numb hand,numb because of excessive writing!I wrote too many answers!I'm crossing my fingers now!I love that subject actually and I am hoping for a high grade.

I noticed that I keep on blogging about my school works and activities.Maybe because my life's too boring and all I ever do is to study,but it is better this way! (Uwaa~I'm craving for Cappuccino!—random thought)

I've been sleeping late at night than usual just because of studying.I've been craving for food in between meals and I'm locking myself up in my room ever since the semester started!!!I am becoming much of an introvert!!

I think this is good progress of my individuality.But you see,I got more pimples!!!!My forehead sucks!!!!!!More pimples and more pimples!!!I'm having an oily face too,oiler than the usual!!My face sucks!!!!I better try sleeping early————-but I can't!!!I have an exam again next week and I have 359 pages of the book and I have a report on Thursday!!!!

My beloved facial babies won't work anymore!!I'm getting a stressed face day by day!

Maybe I'll get back on sleeping early the week after next week!!Hohoho!!!!

Top 5?

18 Aug


Just wanna blog about my recent disappointment (not really disappointment,but something that made me doubt myself).

We were having a class on one of our majors, when a senpai who graduated last year entered our class to promote his organization.

The organization he promoted is something that were formed by the Law students of our university and they now wanted to expand that’s why they are to recruit members to attend a seminar. They chose to recruit pre-law courses students (I’m talking about the AB Political Science course).

All of us were fascinated about the ‘seminar’ he was talking about. Of course, I was also interested.It’s for the pre-law course students after all!!!

The seminar is to take place on the 25th and it’s in a prestigious hotel with free registration,food and accommodation. Such a classy opportunity,right?

I certainly was determined to join the seminar.

But this senpai suddenly mentioned about ‘slots’.Apparently, there are only 5 slots available for the Juniors.

Seriously?Only 5 slots??!!!

The senpai also mentioned about the 5 slots that as much as possible will only be allotted to the Top 5 students of the class.I felt like my 100% determination diminished into 60%.

It’s not that I am not confident that I am in the Top 5. It’s just that ever since grade school to high school,I was underrated. I was an honor student from nursery to the 3rd grade. But I didn’t made it to the top after that.

I am now in college so I decided to change my ways. I became more responsible and my efforts rewarded me since I got high grades but I can’t say that I am one of the best in class.

Some classmates assured me that I belong to the Top 5, but that thought just won’t sink in to me. I don’t know why.

So,I felt discriminated about the seminar and the ‘Top 5’ thingy. I also felt sad for my classmates.

I got bad vibes and told myself that that seminar is just nothing but a discriminatory forum.

After that, I was already displaying my bad attitude. My classmates can’t help but got scared of me. I was really scary anyway.I am not mad because I may be have no chance of getting a slot.I am mad because of this ‘Top 5’ requirement.

The senpai left the class.

The professor,getting back to the lecture, asked us, “So,class. Who wants to join?”

Without any second thoughts I told him, ” Sir,unsa man na oi. What’s with the TOP 5 requirement?Murag discrimination gud ang akong makita.Tanan man gusto mag-apil.” (Translation: Sir, what’s with this?What’s with the TOP 5 requirement?It seems like a discrimination for me.Everybody wants to join.”

He just looked at me.After a few minutes, he suggested that we should have ‘draw lots’ to determine the 5-slot occupants. In that way, everything will be fair.

I agreed.All of us agreed.But in my mind, I don’t care already if I am not chosen.I was in a bad mood already.

We finished the class first. After the dismissal bell, our classmates decided to draw the lots.

4 slots were then occupied by four of my classmates who were chosen because their names got picked.
At last, there’s only one slot left. I wasn’t even hoping of getting in.

But in the end, I got the last slot. They had picked my name.

“Hey,it’s you!It’s you!You got the last slot!”, a classmate, who was also picked,told me.

From the bad mood I had earlier, my face lightened up and I began to feel better.

I thought that maybe the seminar really was for me. Because if not, the last slot should been have given to the others, but luckily,they picked my name.

There’s still a week before the seminar but I am so excited now!

But the doubt of being an achiever still dwells in my mind.Am I really intelligent?Am I really smart?What future will a person like me have?

I don’t know what to think anymore.

What’s Inside my Bag? :D

4 Aug

Just had a thought of posting an entry about my bag!

All this time, I kept on using sling bags and backpacks. Right now, I am using a shoulder bag for a change!

It is not that big but it can hold several things!

I use this cat bag in school during weekdays and also on the weekends for some trips or shopping! Somehow,I feel so comfortable with my bag!

So,first things first!!!!

My bag’s a gray one and doesn’t have too much compartments. It is simply-designed. I bought it from GOZUM,by the way! :)))
I bought it primarily because of its designs. I am sucker for CAT-themed things!Hohohoho!!!

I go to school using this bag. For weekdays,the most vital contents of my bag are notes. I love my notes!They are my food when I am in school!I have lots of xeroxed copies of my professor’s lectures.My red notebook is for my lectures and classes during Tuesdays and Fridays. My MTh notebook which is black is not in the picture. The small green notebook contains the summaries of lessons in each subject.It is important indeed! XD

My pens! I have two black signing pens,each with different ballpoints.I also have a violet-inked signing pen. Violet is my favorite when it comes to writing notes.I feel so encouraged in studying whenever I look on to my notes written in violet ink.I also bought pens in different colors of inks!I bought them with NEWS in my mind.I didn’t buy a red on though because it’s not available.Anyway, I have violet,green,yellow,pink and blue.I use them too in writing my notes.

My favorite book! I love this!I use this to practice my Kanji.Too bad I can’t use this book as much as I want since I am too busy with school works and I have no time for Kanji.But I still bring it with me.bringing it with me makes me feel like my dream of going to Japan and studying there is just few steps away.It is also for my preparation,ne?I’ll return on studying Kanji next week!

My wallet,my book for leisure and my extra notebook. My wallet is still the same as to what I had posted in “New Semester,New Stuffs”. My wallet doesn’t contain too much money.Why?It’s because I keep on unintentionally spending my allowance and the next thing I see is my money being cut into half. I eat a lot in school and of course I use my money to buy the foods! XD…The book next to my wallet is a classic novel.I have been carrying this in my bag just in case I have a free time and then I’ll just pull it out then read!I have note opened it yet!My extra notebook is for my doodles and schedules.I also use this notebook to write on when I cover events since I am also a writer.I scribble everything on this notebook.

I am not that vain but I love on making myself look good.Before,I always bring with me concealers,eyeshadows,eyeliners,mascaras and foundation.But wearing make up is not which I am comfortable with so I chose to bring only the necessary things like comb,powder,cologne,a nude lipstick,a lipgloss and a lotion.And lookie,I also have a Rilakkuma pouch.It’s a pouch where I put my earphones and my phone.

My favorite tiger-shaped mirror and my tissues!

So,those are the things that I always go with inside my bag!How about yours?