The Semester has Already Ended!!! \(^o\) (/o^)/

21 Oct


Hi!I’m back!!!!!

Blogging has been very difficult for me since I’ve been busy with school weeks ago!But here I am and will be starting to blog again! XD

We just finished all of our exams last week and now it’s officially our semestral break!

I have to work hard to maintain my grades though the subjects are bit difficult and the pressures are too heavy!!! (._.)

It’s because that the date of my exams were almost of the same week, I have to find time and organize my studies!Y’know,I need to study some of them (different subjects) in one night.

So far,I’m contented with my performances especially in the subject of our Dean (my favorite)!

Whew!!Can’t believe that time passed this much!The first semester for school year 2012-2013 has already ended!In two weeks time,the 2nd semester will be starting!!!!

So,I’ll be starting to blog again!!Tatata~ (^o^)y


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