Momo’s 19!!!!

21 Oct

Last October 10,2012 was my birthday!!Momo just turned 19!!!!!

Uwaah~Another year has been added and only 1 more year to go before I turn 20!I feel so old now!I can’t believe that I am this old right now. (>_<)

Being 19 is a bit different to me. Somehow,the feeling of being 19 is a very big worry for me.It means that I’ll be a senior soon.It means that I’ll be graduating soon.It means that I’ll be saying goodbye to my teen years.It means that I’ll be an adult very soon.

I still can’t get over the fact that I’m 19 already!!!

Oh well,so much for the worries!I should thank God instead for giving me the greatest gift I could ever have: another year of life! (^_^)

Also,I received gifts for my birthday!First,my papa and I celebrated it days ago before my actual birthday since we’re both busy on that very day.

Papa treated me to Starbucks with Chocolate Chip Frappucino and Caramel Belgian Waffle! Papa really knows what I want. And I treated Mama with Starbucks too.She said that it should be the birthday celebrant who should treat her guests!

After that,Papa bought me everything I wanted!!!

Kitty wet wipes and 2 floor mats!I certainly need wet wipes to clean my face and remove unnecessary dirts. When I found it in the supermarket,I felt that I had to purchase one since it’s too cute!As for the floor mats,just felt like I need one so I had papa buy me two pieces of it!

Next is the Acquasuisse perfume.My previous cologne is good.It has glitters and those shimmering glitters stick to your shirt and it’s adorable.But the only problem is that its smell doesn’t last long, hence I have to apply and apply again!AND THIS!!!ACQUASUISSE!!!!!…Kinda expensive for such a small bottle but the money’s worth it!!!!The smell lasts longer than I expected (from morning ’til evening)!Well,in the evening its smell is not that aromatic but it is still there!!!!I’m addicted to this!! (*-*)

Next,shirts!I’m a sucker for shirts with collars especially of the brand is Collezione and also pink Freegos!Whenever I wear Collezione it makes me feel like I can live it up to the image of being formal and at the same time being casual.I really don’t like girlish clothes.It doesn’t suite my personality.Freego shirts,well just felt like trying the brand out! (n_n)

Lastly, a silver ring!!!I’ve been longing to have another silver ring because the previous ones were lost and then I kept on using plastics and cartoon-themed rings!I really love silver accessories and the only jewelry that I like to wear is a ring.So,papa went to buy me one!Hohoho!!!

I also bought a diary.I don’t even know why I bought.Well,I find it really cute!Lately,I’ve been feeling so dramatic due to constant heartbreaks (LOL!). I want to tell that person my feelings by writing on a diary! (Please spare my drama,okay?!).I bought it with my savings from my allowance!Such a cute notebook and my ugly penmanship’s making it look bad!! XD

Last October 10,2012 was a Wednesday.We don’t conduct classes every Wednesdays but since the semester’s going to an end and we still have lots of lessons to tackle,the professor requested to have a make-up class.

I was actually happy that my birthday was on a Wednesday and that means I won’t be going to school and won’t be greeted by classmates.I don’t want to be greeted personally actually.I get shy every time this happens and I don’t even know why!But last October 10 was superb!!!!

I went to class early in the morning and I was greeted by 3 of my classmates who were already there.They gave me a present!AWWWWW~!!!

They gave me a Rilakkuma picture frame with my photo in it!They printed and wasted ink just for it!!!!!I wonder how much it costs???!!!Hahaha…

Second,another classmate (I treat this classmate as a cousin in school) gave me a chocolate!Toblerone!Yay!!!It was unexpected of him to give me one!We are not that close but we treat each other like cousins!

Lastly,another classmate (this time,it’s a classmate who I treat as a brother) gave me a coupon for a certain food chain for free meal and an umbrella!He’s a crew in that food chain and he needs to sell the tickets for the opening of the food chain’s branch here in our city.Of course,he will be paying for it since he gave it to me for free!I feel so grateful!

I celebrated my birthday with a happy face.It was the first time that I received gifts from classmates! I love them all!They’re the best classmates I ever had!!!

So,I bid goodbye to the 18 yr old Momo and now this 19 yr old Momo will start a new year!Yay!!!



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