What’s Inside my Bag? :D

4 Aug

Just had a thought of posting an entry about my bag!

All this time, I kept on using sling bags and backpacks. Right now, I am using a shoulder bag for a change!

It is not that big but it can hold several things!

I use this cat bag in school during weekdays and also on the weekends for some trips or shopping! Somehow,I feel so comfortable with my bag!

So,first things first!!!!

My bag’s a gray one and doesn’t have too much compartments. It is simply-designed. I bought it from GOZUM,by the way! :)))
I bought it primarily because of its designs. I am sucker for CAT-themed things!Hohohoho!!!

I go to school using this bag. For weekdays,the most vital contents of my bag are notes. I love my notes!They are my food when I am in school!I have lots of xeroxed copies of my professor’s lectures.My red notebook is for my lectures and classes during Tuesdays and Fridays. My MTh notebook which is black is not in the picture. The small green notebook contains the summaries of lessons in each subject.It is important indeed! XD

My pens! I have two black signing pens,each with different ballpoints.I also have a violet-inked signing pen. Violet is my favorite when it comes to writing notes.I feel so encouraged in studying whenever I look on to my notes written in violet ink.I also bought pens in different colors of inks!I bought them with NEWS in my mind.I didn’t buy a red on though because it’s not available.Anyway, I have violet,green,yellow,pink and blue.I use them too in writing my notes.

My favorite book! I love this!I use this to practice my Kanji.Too bad I can’t use this book as much as I want since I am too busy with school works and I have no time for Kanji.But I still bring it with me.bringing it with me makes me feel like my dream of going to Japan and studying there is just few steps away.It is also for my preparation,ne?I’ll return on studying Kanji next week!

My wallet,my book for leisure and my extra notebook. My wallet is still the same as to what I had posted in “New Semester,New Stuffs”. My wallet doesn’t contain too much money.Why?It’s because I keep on unintentionally spending my allowance and the next thing I see is my money being cut into half. I eat a lot in school and of course I use my money to buy the foods! XD…The book next to my wallet is a classic novel.I have been carrying this in my bag just in case I have a free time and then I’ll just pull it out then read!I have note opened it yet!My extra notebook is for my doodles and schedules.I also use this notebook to write on when I cover events since I am also a writer.I scribble everything on this notebook.

I am not that vain but I love on making myself look good.Before,I always bring with me concealers,eyeshadows,eyeliners,mascaras and foundation.But wearing make up is not which I am comfortable with so I chose to bring only the necessary things like comb,powder,cologne,a nude lipstick,a lipgloss and a lotion.And lookie,I also have a Rilakkuma pouch.It’s a pouch where I put my earphones and my phone.

My favorite tiger-shaped mirror and my tissues!

So,those are the things that I always go with inside my bag!How about yours?


2 Responses to “What’s Inside my Bag? :D”

  1. areechan August 6, 2012 at 10:15p08 #

    what a cute bag!!!!

    • momoai August 6, 2012 at 10:15p08 #

      It’s from GOZUM ;)))

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