KTV Jpop Songs!

31 May

Good day,minna!

Last Sunday, my special friends and I went out together for a ‘reunion’!

We are a group of friends who are fans of JE artists (HSJ,NEWS,KAT-TUN,ARASHI and etc).

It has been a while since the last time that we went out as a 7-member group.But unfortunately, there were only 5 of us who went out last Sunday.The other two were busy…(er…well,they are the mothers of the group so they really are busy!hahaha).

So,here in the Philippines,KTV bars are really something.Filipinos love to sing,ne?Some are natural-born singers and others are honed with trainings.

In my case,I need trainings! XD

So, I’ve been to KTV bars before but I don’t enjoy a lot since the songs are in English or Tagalog.I mean, I sing those kinds of songs, but they really are not my faves.

Last Sunday,we were surprised to see that the KTV bar that we usually go to had these lists of JPOP songs!There are also Koreans,Thai and Viet songs.

We were much more surprised to see JE songs! (There are also H!Ps)

We sang JUMP,NEWS,KAT-TUN,ARASHI songs and others!

The foods were scrumptiously served! We had chicken,’Pancit’ and rice.We had Iced Tea for drinks.

There’s just this one thing that I hate about this KTV bar.

Golly! It’s not sound-proof! So while a Genki song was playing,we just had to minimize our voices!Damn!

Everything about this KTV bar is great–the walls are an exception!

Hopefully, we can go out (the 7 of us) next time!

It is important to have a get-together party sometimes. I have to make up for all the wasted time and moments to be with them!

Here’s a pic with my BFF!


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