Recording- A Failure!

7 Apr

After ATHENAZ’s 1st project,which was the SHOCK! dance cover,we were tasked to submit 2 demo songs to H!PPH to review our voices.


After our practice!

I know I am not a singer,but I tried my best y’know!Hahaha!


How’s this,I am Suzuki Airi,C-ute’s lead vocalist!

The pressure’s on me!!! ► ◄

My 4 co-members are amazing singers!What’s so great is the fact that they can match or they sound like the 4 C-ute members!

So, I am the only one who is different from the others! (╥﹏╥)

I was a member of a choir when I was in elementary but it didn’t last for a long time.I had to quit because I needed to focus on my studies.

I can sing but not that type of singing which can impress people.It’s just normal!Hahaha!!!

We decided to do covers of two C-ute songs.

We practiced almost everyday during break time!My friends gave me advices on how to do this and how to do that.I am so happy because they are so supportive! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

With the help of our classmate,we were able to find a recording studio here in our city.

The payment is expensive and the studio’s environment is not the same as to what I had expected!

We were so disappointed.


There were only three mics. What we did was they gave me one mic,another mic for the 2 members and the last mic to the other two members.

My mic had a problem.It has a blurry effect or something like that!

There were weird noises!The engineer said that he’ll just clean the audio to remove the unwanted noises.

The engineer is not that friendly!He’s so intimidating!!!!!!

The payment is 400php.We thought it’s only 180php!

He’s a bit arrogant!

Those factors above affected me!I was:





not able to release my real voice.I used throating instead of using the voice from my diaphragm

In the end,while listening to the recorded audio,I cried.My co-members and our managers comforted me.They told me that my voice was okay and they can understand because that was the first time we were able to experience a real recording!

The day after that,our classmate got the edited songs.

The hell!!!They’re not good!!!!They were not fixed and cleaned by the engineer!!


400php!Such a precious money!It was wasted for real! m(><)m

Right now,we are planning to do something that can help us with our song covers!!


Wait for them,minna!!



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