To Be a Great Lawyer in the Future

5 Apr

As to those people who have been reading my blog right from the start,you already know that I am a Political Science student,right?

✖ At first,I just took this course just because my father wants it for me.He wants me to become a good lawyer in the future.

✖ Since being lawyer sounded so amazing,I took the path that he wants for me.

I was so confident that I’d be a lawyer someday,but as days,weeks and months passed,my mind gradually changed little by little.

I don’t want to be a lawyer anymore.So my mind thought of this thing for a long time. ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖

“Studying will just waste a few years of my life.”

“Law is just for smart people,and I am not one of them.”

“I am too lazy to study again.” ┱ ┲

Those things ran into my mind.


But early this year, I realized that I can’t imagine my life taking up other courses.

It’s like Political Science has already been written in my life and so with Law.

As I observed myself,I am becoming so interested with politics,governance and law.

I’m loving it~

I took the right path indeed……This is the path that God made for me!

I love my course!I want to take up Law in the future!I want to become a reliable lawyer!!! ♥

Maybe you might be curious why I posted this entry.

Hahaha…I just thought of it out of the blue.

Because you know,I observed myself and I found out that I have some skills that are useful for lawyers.

I have the knack for smelling lies and liars. (Hohohoho…Beware!)
I have the skill to argue with people! (I’ve become such a blabber mouth when I entered college!Hahaha)
Pop said I can write memorandums really well.
I am smart. (Some people say that,but i don’t think they’re right.)
I can easily identify those stories that are make-believe or just alibis.
I have a good memory. (Where did I put my phone again?….hahaha)
My classmate told me that I have this kind of tone of voice that can make everyone listen to me. (Oh really~?!)
I can always make excuses for everything~!
I so love interrogating people.
I can always defend my side.
I have my own stand for every issue.
I am not that type of person who can just be easily swayed. (I am not that pathetic!)
I have the face that can intimidate some people! (Bwahahahaha!!!)

I also have my bad points which I am trying to erase from my system!

Mood swings
Bad mouth
Forgive and forget?? (Well,forgive maybe.But to forget?No way!)
My tone of speech is…well…scary~

That’s it!

Just beware of MOMOMONSTER~!!!!Hahahaha!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

By the way,I’ll be a 3rd year Political Science student soon!

I can’t wait~!!! ♥


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