A Writing Career Would be Okay for Me,right?

5 Apr

Yeah,I mentioned ‘writing career’.

Early January of this year,I was told by my professor in English to write for a magazine project he was assigned to.


There were three of us,three PolSci students.

Prof said it’s not only a job,but also a start of a new career~!

Without any hesitations,I accepted the job. ☜(*▽*)☞

After a few moments,I realized that I still have insecurities when it comes in writing.

I was never a writer back in my high school days,neither during my elementary years too!


I was just shocked that I constantly got high grades in my English5 subject, which is actually an unusual thing to me.

I asked myself, “What is it in my paper that made it so impressive??I never wrote anything that’s so extraordinary!”

So, the three of us accepted the job!We started sleeping very late at night,panicking in school,bringing USBs and laptops in school just to work on the articles during breaks and etc!

The picture below——-bwahahaha!!! THE THREE WRITERS!

Just recently,my professor assigned me to cover a certain event at school.That was actually the first time that I did a cover for an event!

After a few days,it was already published online!Here it is!

MSU launches Nutraceutical Laboratory

I’m happy!

By the way,look for my name at the end part of the article!!!



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