SHOCK!——-Getting Ready for a New Dance Cover!

13 Feb


Another new post!

Apparently, I’m in the mood again to do a dance cover…Together with new groupmates from my class. We are DokiDoki DanceNation!

Classmate D, classmate J and Me!!!!!

I love it whenever I’m with them to do a cover since the two of them are really devoted and are willing to learn anything!

We’ve been doing dances since last year November….Solo dances to be exact.

But due to our hectic schedules in the university, we eventually took a rest for some time.

I don’t know what came into my mind last week. I wanted to do a cover again.This time it’s a five-man team.

We decided to do C-ute’s SHOCK! dance—-this time as a group!

From left to right- Chisato, Maimi, Airi, Nakky and Mai

C-ute is an H!P group composed of five members.Apparently, we can’t find 2 more members to complete the group, so we decided to just lower down the member numbers to three!

I think it’s enough.

And the hell!

I will be doing Airi’s part! The entire song is almost sung by Airi! Except for the chorus where the other members get to sing with her!

Classmate D will be doing Nakky’s part a while Classmate J will be Maimi,C-ute’s leader!

But then I’ll do my best to create an amazing dance cover!

We’ll be shooting the dance this Sunday!



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