The “Mean” Momo Strikes Again (?)

9 Feb

For real~?!


This entry is about the things that has happened to me today while I was in school.


We were discussing and evaluating a certain issue/topic during today’s Philosophy class. The professor wrote a statement on the blackboard and asked us,the students,to point out the parts of the idea that are false.

So,the professor called several people.Some didn’t answer and some gave their ideas.Lastly,the professor called me and asked me to give my opinion.

So I gave my ideas. But a certain classmate (let’s call him CLASSMATE X) barged in and opposed what I had presented in class and delivered the views he has in his mind.

I then rebutted his argument since I know he didn’t understand what my point was.I stated my idea loudly and clearly and gave emphasis on certain points.

Unexpectedly,Classmate X’s bad temper erupted.He started to mock and bad-mouthed some words.

I kept my cool and continued to defend my part.

Not knowing it,my voice became so loud and husky while I was talking (this was described by my classmate). The pace of my talking became so fast.

The professor then scolded me and stopped me from talking. m(><)m

Do you know what the professor said?….He said that Classmate X has such a bad temper and I,Momo, rode in with his temper and clashed with him.

He means that I also had let myself caught by Classmate X's temper.The way my professor said that statement,is somehow really insulting.He just looked at me like he was going to hate me forever!!!!!Though for the others,what he told me is not that something to be insulted of,on my part,I felt so humiliated and I was judged!

A good classmate of mine then said, "But,professor~…She really talks that way."….Sadly,the prof ignored her.

Another classmate defended me and said, "Sir,it's natural for Danielle."…She was also ignored.

I don't know why but I just cried—-silently on my seat.My seatmate just patted my back and told me to get over with it.


That afternoon,we had our Physical Education class.My friend and I decided to stay inside the gym to observe the class who's going to have a practical exam on volleyball before us.We were seating on the bleachers and watched some random videos in my laptop.

Suddenly,a ball from a group of girls suddenly hit us and it bounced to a far away distance.My friend rushed to the ball to get it and return it.

I stayed on my seat and looked for the group who owns the ball.

I found them and just looked at them.

One of the girls got scared (sort of?) and said' "She did it!!!…She's the one to blame!!!!"….Yeah,she blamed and pointed her teammate for what had happened.The way she reacted was like that of a killer being arrested or something.

I just shook my head.

( つ﹏╰)

For the second time around,the ball had hit us again—the ball from the same group of girls.

My classmate again rushed to return the ball.

The girls just stared at me and apologized.
Some of them were

I was like, "HUH???" <('o'<)~

I just smiled.

*During the Philosophy class,honestly,I didn't even realized that my voice had became so husky.As what my classmate described it,I sounded so angry and like I was mocking Classmate X.She said that my face became so serious.

Actually,I was just talking normally.I assume that!I am not that narrow-minded to ride on someone's rude temper unless it hurts ,me personally or my friends!

I wiped my tears and still continued to debate/argue on the topic with Classmate X!Hahaha!!!


*During the Physical Education class,I think what the girls thought of me upon accidentally hitting us with the ball,is a pissed off hot-headed woman!They kept on apologizing!!!I just looked at them,you know!I can understand that they can't control the ball yet and it might bounce off into different directions!

I even heard one of them saying, "She's scary." (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

Do I really look that mean???…Ever since,I keep on getting comments like "YOU LOOK MEAN." or "I THOUGHT YOU'RE MEAN!"

Man~!!!I think I'm tired of these things!
But on the other hand,I think this is fun!
Only your true friends will ever know who you really are and will tell that "FIRST IMPRESSIONS DON'T ALWAYS LAST!"




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