Party! Party!

2 Feb


I feel good! I am back to normal!

Tsk!Getting sad just because of a senpai who doesn’t even know how to return the things he borrowed will not do anything good to me!

So,I’m now all GENKI!GENKI!!!!!

I also deleted the entries I wrote for the past two days!Seeing them in my happy blog will just ruin the atmosphere!!!

I’m back in Facebook too!!!Yay~~~!!!!!

For now,I won’t be able to go online tonight!

I have to attend our department’s party–the POLITICAL SCIENCE NIGHT!

This will be my first time attending a PolSci night since last year I didn’t even bother to show up in the event.

Actually,I did plan not to go to tonight’s party just last week. But almost all of my classmates decided to go and I don’t want to be the only one who’ll be missing the party.

So last night,I decided to go.

Good thing,I found a casual dress which I can wear for tonight’s event!

We need to wear formal clothes.

This will be the one I’m going to wear.I bought it 2 years ago for my high school graduation.

Shapes brand casual piece!

And also to kill boredom,I’ll bring my new book: Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.

A close friend of mine recommended the book.

I also bought a Piggy bookmark for it!


That would be all!!!!!

I will be back tomorrow afternoon!

Let’s all have fun!!!


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