Time for our Revenge!!!!

1 Feb

Hahaha!!! The title seems to be scary!

I had fun just this afternoon!We performed an initiation to the first year students!!!

In the Political Science Department, it is a tradition to perform an initiation to the freshmen as a welcome to the new students and members of the department.

Yeah,when I was a freshman,I was also initiated by the seniors!

They blindfolded me then made me crawl,run,scare the hell out of me by using creepy props!!! Since I can’t see a thing,I was so scared!I thought I was in a nearby cliff or in a forest but in reality we were just inside the school grounds!

They separated me from my classmates and was isolated in a grassy ground.A senior approach me and talked to me. He asked me who my closest friend in class is.He also asked me why I chose AB Political Science as my course.His last question was, “After you graduate from PolSci,do you plan to proceed to law?If yes,I don’t think you need to do it.You are rich anyway.”

I just answered him carefully and normally like I am not scared or anything because I knew he was testing and intended to provoke me.After that,we finished the initiation.

I had fun so I decided that when I get to be a 2nd year student,I’ll have my revenge on the upcoming freshmen!I’ll do to them the things what my seniors did to me!Hahahaha!!!…Surprisingly,my classmates also planned to do the same!

And just this afternoon,the time for our revenge came!!!

We made the freshmen students crawl on the ground,scare them with props,made them scream out of fear,made them go ‘EEEWWWW~!!!!’,made them dirty because of the flour.

As usual,the last part of the initiation is the Question and Answer portion.I was assigned to question a certain female freshie.

But then, a 3rd year senpai butted in and asked the girl, “Do you know that the upperclassmen think that you 1st years are disrespectful?!”

The senpai just stared at me and told me to do the follow up questions.

I decided to go on with the questioning.

I told her, ” So what can you say about it?Your upperclassmen look at you as disrespectful lowerclassmen.”

She can’t answer and she just cried.

I decided to be mean and urged her to answer the question.I felt that I wanted her to be strong.So I said, “You are a Political Science student right?Prove it that you are one of us!Later on in the future,you’ll become a politician or a lawyer if you proceed to law.So prove to me now that you can answer this easy question!When you become an upperclassman,you’ll encounter more difficult situations so don’t let this stupid question ruin you.”

So she answered.She said that they’re just shy to approach the senpais and so on…

So far her answer is somehow understandable since they’re new to the department,it’s natural that they’d feel awkwardness towards the senpais.

So I asked her,” Do you intend to finish the Political Science course?”

She replied, “I don’t know” and she cried again!

I was like, “EEEEHHHHH????!!!!!!…..I MADE SOMEONE CRY!!!WHAT TO DO!!!!!”

But I realized that as a senpai,I should be guiding her and be strong because I have to be a role model for the kouhais.

So I gave her an advice.

“You know,if you pursue a course or a path which you don’t really like or which you don’t put your heart and effort on it,you won’t be able to become happy in your life and have a good future.”

She just nodded.She said that she thinks that she can’t leave PolSci because of her good classmates.

I replied,”Don’t feel so obligated on a thing just because of your parents and your friends.As an upperclassman,I want you to realize what you really want.”

Okay,so she continued to cry.The 4th years then gave a cue to lead the freshies back to the classroom to end the initiation.

After that,I saw some of the freshies smiling and felt so satisfied with the activity.

I also felt a pinch in my heart since I was able to give an advice to a kouhai!

I really enjoyed the activity!

I really am looking forward for the next initiation next school year!!!!

The people in picture above are just some of the 2nd year AB Political Science students!We had a parade that day and decided to have a group picture!The others were absent or didn’t even bother to join the group!Hahahaha!!!!

I am the one wearing glasses!!!

Yeah~!!! (‐^▽^‐)


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