Buono!’s Deep Mind Official PV Released!

23 Dec

Just today,Buono’s Deep Mind MV was released!!!! *Banzai~!*

This was quite expected since the release of their single is fast approaching so this is a good move to promote the single.

So,about this MV——-I was quite SHOCKED!!!

Just by hearing the music preview from Gomennasai’s trailer,what came into my mind is an “Our Song” and “My Boy” style of pv.But then a very dark side of Buono! filled my screen! I was like, “What the hell is this?!!They’re freaking stunning!”

Airi's really cool here~!

The music video is a dark-themed one with poles and bars on the sides and a band playing the music as the background. The close ups are simply fantastic since they portrayed much of their rock-ish side very well and effects of lights on their backs.Few scenes from the band are also there.

What made me loved this PV more is that finally they already have their dance shot!Ever since the release of Zassou no Uta,they don’t have any dances so I am really really happy about this!I can’t give a comment yet about the dance since I need to see first the full version of it.But so far,it looks like the steps are really cool and very appropriate for the beat of the song!

The line distribution is fair for this single.Though I didn’t count how many lines each member got,I had easily determined that this song is not biased on only one singer this time and each one of them were able to let show off their voices!

This is such a great song from Buono!Please support this by purchasing a copy of their single~!


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