Buono’s Hatsukoi Cider PV Released

22 Dec

Buono,a three-member Jpop girl group of H!P,released their official Hatsukoi Cider pv on their official Youtube account.

The girl group went back to their upbeat style of music ever since the release of Natsu Dakara. I can really say that this song is really Buono-ish since it falls under the genres of pop and rock!

First,one thing that surprised me is that Momo’s back in the center.I’m really glad since for the past few singles it was Airi who’s in the center.So this means that maybe the rotational system might be applied again.

The pink suits are also stunning,putting a feminine-ish aura in the rock band-styled theme.

The MV as well is impressive though it’s simple.Especially the effects where the girls are taken a shot and the video just comes through them showing another scene. Also,the scenes where they walk on a mirror and the angles where taken from below!

So far,the video is a THUMBS UP!

Let’s just wait for the next release minna-DEEP MIND~!


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