2nd Semester Starts Tomorrow~!

7 Nov


This will be my only post for tonight for I am to sleep early because tomorrow will be our first day in school for the second semester!

The first thing I did a while ago was to clean my room!

Well,I really really am messy when it comes to my room and I seldom clean it.

I believe that having a clean room contributes good vibes especially to a student like me who needs to concentrate on her studies!


Here’s my study table!

The red leather-like notebook is my notebook for 4 of my subjects.The other one is orange and it’s already inside my bag!

See that coin bank–the pink one?…It’s my special money saver!I put all my savings there for one reason-so that I can have enough money when I go to Japan!..It’s better if you worked hard for your money ne~!

Next are my bags!..Uhmm..they’re not fixed well!!..Sorry~!

Lookie!..I have two Domo-kun bags!!The rest are Cose bags!

Here’s my new school bag for the 2nd semester!

A violet backpack from ABKD accented with a cute violet Stitch character!

By the way,here are the posters I have in my room!

Arashi (from Potato mag) and Kisumai (free from their cd debut here in the Philippines!)

Hey!Say!Jump (bought it from an online seller) and NewS (from Potato magazine)

That’s it for now,fellaz!

Clean your rooms too!!…It may bring good luck!!!

Jyaaa~!!! (^__^)


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