It’s Tea Time~!

6 Nov


This post is a review about a recent tea that I have tasted!

Its name is My Tea Road Green Tea.

Actually I was supposed to buy Iced tea packs but when I passed by the Imported Foods section,I saw a box of tea and was even amazed when I saw that its a Japanese product!

I grabbed my pop’s arm and dragged him into that food section to buy the tea.We bought it for only 367php. ≧ω≦

Here are the pictures:

My Tea Road Green Tea box

The tea bag~

Tadaa~!!..Here it is!!!


So far,I find this tea really delicious!Not just it smells great but it also tastes superb and very soothing for your taste buds!

It flows smoothly way down to my throat leaving its taste in my mouth!Really satisfying indeed!

By the way here’s a pic of mine before I went to sleep last night!

I am wearing a Victoria's Secret sweat shirt!

And this is my face when I woke up this morning!!! XD


Salute!!!...I did a Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku hand movement!

That’s it for now,people!

Keep posted! ^^


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