Garnier Face Mask Before I Sleep~! :)

6 Nov


I’m gonna post one last entry for tonight before I sleep!!

Here I am using my Garnier Pure Self-Heating Sauna Mask!

The first time I was amazed with face masks was when I saw Nishiuchi Mariya’s picture (Japanese model and actress) having a face mask on.Then I thought that must be one of her secrets why her face is so pretty~!!!

I wanna use one but I don’t know any brands with face masks.I found some but they’re uhmmm…..suspicious–might be bad for my skin!

So one night while browsing my news feeds in my facebook account,I found a picture of my close online buddy wearing a face mask…the brand—Garnier!!!

So I went immediately to the mall to hunt for that Garnier mask thingy!…So I found one and tried it and I find it very good for my face and I started buying for more and use them twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday night)!

My face before applying the mask (washed with Garnier Oil Control Scrub~!)

Face mask applied and here's one of my favorite hair bow accessories~!

And here,after 3 minutes—-VOILA~!!!


Use your Garnier face masks now,people!…And feel the beauty~!

Oyasuminasai~!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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