Furudaru’s Renai Rider Cover Pictures

3 Nov

Hey fellaz!

For those of you who don’t know,I am a member of a cover group for Buono!!!

We’re now named as FURUDARU (Furdoll),formerly known as KIRA KIREI (Shining & Beautiful)

We joined a campus idol contest way back in 2010 and performed Honto no Jibun in front of the crowd,but sad to say we didn’t win.

A picture from 2 years ago

After entering college and having different courses,it became a struggle for us to get together to do covers since we have conflicting schedules.

Good thing there’s what we call ‘semestral break’ and we decided to make use of this time to do a dance cover.We did Renai Rider for starters.

Photoshoot! 🙂




The Managers (Manager S and Manager R)

Group picture~!

We took a video for a dance shot and some videos for the music video!

Here are some clips from the music video a la Furudaru style~!!!

The Dance

Kanna as Natsuyaki Miyabi

Yhana as Suzuki Airi

Momo as Tsugunaga Momoko


Having F-U-N!!!!

Individual shots!



For now,we still haven’t posted the videos since we don’t have much time and the internet connection’s gone nuts!But I’ll update this once the videos are already uploaded!


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