October 2010 Magazines

2 Nov

Uh-oh~!…I thought I had already posted about this!Looks like I forgot about it!

Remember the entry that I posted about an online seller which has always failed to refund my money for the NewS calendar 2011-2012?Well, after almost 5 months,the money was already refunded!

Upon getting back my money,I immediately bought back issues of magazines where News were featured in the covers—October 2010 issues of Wink Up,Duet and Potato.

Now I feel very lucky to have these magazines—–it’s back these are the last magazines where NewS were featured as a 6-member group. 😦

To top of it,they were October issues—–OCTOBER,MY BIRTH MONTH!!…..Released in the year of 2010——-10,MY LUCKY NUMBER.I felt like they were NewS’ birthday presents for me!

They haven’t been a cover for Wink Up,Duet,Potato and Myojo (they were featured in other magazines though) since November 2010 so I’m really really happy for having those magazines!

I’ll treasure them! 🙂


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