New Item: TegoMass no Mahou Album

2 Nov

Two days after its release,I already received my TM no Mahou album LE!!!

I’m soooooo excited for this one since this is my first TM album!my first TM item is Aoi Bench Le so having their album is an additional to my delight!

The cover is pretty sweet and is totally cute with their faces eating the whole space of the cover!This style of cover was already applied in their past releases.

The booklet is also cute since aside from having the lyrics of the tracks,there’s also pictures of Tesshi dressed in a witch wardrobe and having white hair, and Massu dressed like an old guy (looks like a missionary of the old times perhaps!).There’s also these pictures where they like chemists or something,mixing liquids,chemicals and such!

The song are also really Tegomassu-ish and the blending part of the voices really do stand out!

Here are the contents of the album!!!!

I really enjoyed listening to the album and watching its DvD..In fact,the birdie which became Massu’s inspiration for his bird-winged plane in the Mahou no Melody MV is named “Momo-chan”.How happy I was upon hearing it since ‘Momo-chan’ is also my nickname.Massu keeps on saying “Momo-chan” a couple of times,and it feels like he’s calling me!

Whoops!!My fangirling syndrome has began!

That’s for it for now,folks!!

Be sure to enjoy your TM no Mahou copies!

For those who haven’t purchased one yet,try grabbing a copy now!


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