NewS – A Sad Happening :(

1 Nov


last October 7,it was reported that Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo both withdrew from NewS,a JE boy band group.

Johnny and Associates already confirmed that this news is no hoax or rumor but a real thing.

Yamashita Tomohisa is said to pursue on his solo career and Nishikido Ryo to focus on Kanajani8 since having two groups is too much to handle for him.

I say this is such a depressing news.These past few months I saw a certain article about Johnny,Yamapi and an executive of a certain music company having a dinner together.This also happened with Jin who then later on went on solo.Yamapi is capable to go solo since he has such a large fan base around the world amd with his talents and looks he can really pull fans towards him.

Ryo,on the other side,is somehow really unexpected.I’m not a fan of Kanjani8 but I like him more when he’s in NewS.I know it’s hard for him to do activities on both groups since there are conflicting schedules but I didn’t see this coming though.

As a NewS fan for years,I can’t stand the fact that my beloved boy group is on a stressing happening right now.Pi and Ryo are not my biases but the fact that they are leaving is such a hurtful thing.I love NewS not just for Massu but I love them as a group.

Pi was my very first bias in JE and in NewS but that just lasted for a few weeks though,hahaha….When I started to explore tthe NewS world I seem to like each one of the members and that led me to the crazy world of NewS fangirls.

Ryo-chan,I first saw him acting in 1 Liter of Tears.

Pi and Ryo are two of the main and most important members of the group serving as the leader and the shadow leader.Until now,I’m still in deep thought of how the others 4 members accepted these turn out of events.

But Massu,Tesshi,Koyama and Shige can handle and fill the gaps being left by the two.They have amazing voices and looks and I know that they can still stand despite of what had happened.

On a certain News fanpage in Facebook,this what I had posted:

lets not show how sad we are to the four remaining members about ryo and pi leaving news…but lets show them that though two of their important members had left the group,our support for the 4nin will never ever decrease but will get even stronger…that’s what a true news fan should think of right now….

i know everyone is sad,but the 4 boys are even sadder than the fans.we need to cheer them up and continue on supporting news…..

That is indeed really true.As a true NewS fan,we should support the group no matter what happens.

Maybe for 1 whole month,I’ll cry real hard but I know it’ll pass for I have to accept what has already had happened..

Everyone,let’s continue to support News as a 4-member group and don’t forget to also support Pi and Ryo in their future endeavors.


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