Why I Love My Fandom So Much….

19 Sep

Let me explain first what a fandom is (Urr,with the help of the dictionary of course!) XDD

According to the Encarta Dictionary,fandom can be explained as ” large group of fans: fans collectively, especially of a public entertainer such as a movie or TV star”.

For everyone out there who follows my blog,I bet you already know guys that I am a JPOP fan most specifically of JE and H!P groups.For JE,I love NewS and Hey!Say!JUMP….

It was 3 yeras ago when I joined text clans devoted to JE groups especially HSJ.And there’s this particular clan which I joined and surprisingly has a member who also is living in the same city as I am—and that’s the first time for me to get to know one since most of the people here are kpop fans.So immediately we got to know each other very well and met each other personally several times.I am certainly happy every time we do meet-ups because I always feel I found a new family—a family where I can show the real me.

So ever since that time,our fandom which was just composed of roughly 5 members or more grew into a bigger one.It’s just so amazing since the JE love keeps on spreading!

Now,we had a couple of fan-meets and during those fan-meets are flailing of the fans which I really love to see.

Our last fan-meet was last January1,2011.After that,the group seemed to be inactive.And I miss my fandom friends very much!So good thing,one of our leaders decided to have a fan-meet again by the end of the semester this October and of course I got all hyped up!

Here’s a picture of the group last fanmeet (January 1,2011)….

I love this group so much for this is my 2nd home and family…

By the way,we are called JIMHEN (Jimusho ng Heneral Santos)…


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