How To Draw Shojo Manga By TokyoPop

19 Sep

Just this Saturday, I went with my best friend to check our favorite bookstore– ‘FULLY BOOKED’….

I was in the middle of gazing in front of tons of books when my best friend showed m,e a certain reference.

The ‘How to Draw Shojo Manga‘ by TokyoPop.I got excited since I’ve been dreaming of becoming a shojo manga-ka.I was more thrilled of buying that book when I saw that it is particularly from the editor staff of Hana to Yume,Bessatsu Hana to Yume,Lala and Melody magazines—the magazines known for publishing famous shojo mangas.

Here in the Philippines,the book costs almost 600php but since Fully Booked has its 20% off sale,the book’s price was reduced. THANK GOD!!!

So my father bought the book for me since I don’t have any money at that time.


I’ve searched for some reviews about the book and to see that many of its buyers were disappointed.They were saying that the book didn’t even introduced the basics of drawing and etc…..And the book was more focused on how to ink and ‘everything’ a manga intended for those who are to submit an entry (or should I say those who are a bit of a professional).Well,this part is true.

As for my opinion,the book did suffice my needs.Since I already know the basics and what I’m having a hard time right now is about the inking.So this book did taught me several techniques!

I think I’m more ready for next year’s contests!!!

Here are some of the pages of the book:

Instructions on how to make a storyboard.

Example of a character design.

Me with my own copy!!!

For those who have their own copy but were disappoited,KEEP IT!!!You may not know but you can use this book as a reference in the near future….And for those who totally love this,YEAH!!!!Hahahaha….


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