My Very Own Dolly!

11 Sep

Late POST!!!!…Supposedly to be posted 3 weeks ago but I failed since the internet connection had gone bananas…….


Intramurals just ended and I was a participant for the speech choir event.Last year,I didn’t enjoy watching the other contenders in the speech choir event coz I’m not wearing my glasses at that time (when I perform I always take my glasses off).So I’m kinda quite sad about it.

Now,I decided to finally purchase a pair of contact lenses,but it’s not just normal contacts—-it is the Dolly Eye Vivid Black 14.2mm….

I got these from an optical shop with a prescription of an optometrist.

Unboxing the package is somehow very exciting for my part since it’s my 1st pair!And I got them for a very affordable price since Ideal Vision just celebrated their 25th year in the industry!

So the first one I found is the multi-purpose solution which is already for storing and at the same time for cleaning the lenses.

Next is the lens kit!

Next in line is the Dolly Vivid Black 14.2 mm lenses.Unlike any other lenses,they’re not placed in separate bottles but in 2 separate packs!

There!…Voila!…I got them out of the packs and soaked them in the solution for 6 hours!It is really important to soak them first for cleaning!If you don’t,you’ll end up having a burning sensation in your eyes.

Btw,dad bought this piggy mirror to aid me when I put my lenses on.

Piggy-just like ButaMassu!!!


Here’s the picture for comparison!

(facing the pic) Left: w/ contacts....Right: w/o contacts

I’m using the 2 of them this time!


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