Bangs Galore~!

11 Sep

For the preparation for the speech choir competition, girl members were required to have full bangs.

Here in the Philippines, bangs for the hair is not that big of a trend. So when everybody heard that having bangs is a requirement, well, what do you expect?—-Their world turned upside down~!!!!Hahaha…As for me, I’m quite hesitant about this.

• First,I haven’t tried full bangs yet! Whenever I cut my hair it’d always be sided bangs coz I feel like I don’t look gud when it’s full!

• Second, my hair was just rebonded 2 months ago! If I cut it, it would curl for sure!

• It’s weird-looking for the others!

So just about a week before the event, I decided to have bangs. And whew~ How glad I was that it’s not that weird on me! I’m quite happy actually and I don’t know why! And I’m planning to have full bangs until the day that I’ll be so tired looking at it ‘coz y’know bangs are very common in Japan! Teehee~!

The funny thing is that all the girls in our group really did it! It’s quite fascinating that all of us are sharing the same trend! But I’m pretty sure that few of them were quite pissed of their hair! XD

Here’s the last pic and this time my hair is accented with a headband!


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