Kis-My-Ft2 in the Philippines

20 Aug

Here’s another late update!…I’m so sorry!I just feel like writing this because this is one of the things that I’ve been wanting to happen in my life!

All these years,being a JPOp fan (particularly JE and H!P fandom), I’ve been wanting Jpop to be known here in the Philippines since KPOP has been dominating the music scene here in our country.The number of JPOP fans here are not that big as compared to KPOP fans.

But the long wait is over!!!

Kis-My-Ft2,a former Johnny’s Jr. group,has now debuted not only in Japan but in some other countries including the Philippines on the same day (Aug 10).

Though I’ve seen one of Arashi’s single aired on MYX (Philippines’ music channel) once,it is actually the first time that a JPOP group (Kisumai) has actually debuted here in our country.This is a great news for JPOP fans especially those who are in the JE fandom.

The next news I received is that Kisumai will be having their own stations here in our music stores soon!..Everybody Go! cds will be on sale here (but I will still continue ordering cds online)

Also,last Monday,MYX officially aired Kisumai’s single and that was a big shock for me (The progress is so fast!Thanks to Universal Records Philippines.)And also just this Thursday,Everybody Go is already now in the Top 10 of MYX Daily Top 10!That’s another fast progress!Really,the JPOP fans here in the Philippines has their love for Kisumai bursted!

Actually,the truth is 50% happy and 50% not that happy about the group’s debut.Explanations will be spared this time and I’ll find the right time to explain this! ;P

I hope Kisumai will continue to have their way this 2011 and in the future!



🙂 I’m waiting for my cd~! Tralalalalala~!!!


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