MomokoSuki Hits 1,000!!!

13 Aug

Good day,everyone!

It’s been a long time since I last posted here!…I’m becoming inconsistent in blogging this past few days!
Well,here are the reasons:

1. I’m busy for school! (almost everyday!)…And yeah,here comes the midterm exam for our major subject.I need to focus!

2.These past few days,it’s been hard to compose myself.I mean I’m always not in the mood to write or something like that.

3.Things to write for this blog just don’t enter into my mind!

4.Lastly,and the main reason,the internet connection sucks!It’s been slower than a turtle since last week!


Ah,so much for that.
I visited my blog and I was just surprised that my blog has already received 1000 hits!For others,it may be just a small number,but for me,as a newbie to blogging world,it’s already a great achievement!


I’ve been blogging since November (I think) of last year.This blog is not that good-looking like the others,not that advanced when it comes to features and not-so active—but I just want to thank everyone who continue to read and visit this blog.I’m very grateful!

I hope you keep on visiting my blogging haven and support me always!And I’ll try my best to post everyday!I’ll be looking forward to interact with some of you someday!

That would be all!!

LotsaLOVE!!! ❤


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