S/mileage Uchuoten Love Review

1 Aug

S/mileage’s new single Uchuoten Love (Ecstatic Love) PV has been released!

S/mileage released their 6th single ‘Uchuoten Love’ MV last week on streaming sites though the formal release of the single will be on August 3,2011.

As usual,S/mileage’s specialty focuses on cuteness and this single never failed my expectations.

The music has an energetic upbeat rhythm and has cute vocalizations.For me it is one of the songs which I can remember easily.The instrumental at the beginning is somehow really similar to that of a music we usually hear in disco bars but the following ‘Wahoo~!’ part forms a new atmosphere in the PV.And also like what I’m always expecting from S/mileage–line distributions are fair and are simply great!

The music video I can say is one of the best music videos I had ever seen (I’ve also commented the same on Momusu’s Only You)!!!…Different scenes were taken and lots of close ups and editing were done.We have the scene where the girls are singing in front of the microphone while others play at the back.There’s this scene also having a school girl concept : Saki playing with a pencil,Wada reading a book,Yuuka sleeping and Kanon doing some coloring.A few scenes were also taken from a Purikura booth. A handful number of dance shots were also inserted in the video.

Saki playing with a pencil

Wada reading a book

Yuuka sleeping

Kanon coloring


Member Evaluation:

Ogawa Saki -My favorite member and in my own perspective,she has the best voice and dance moves among them.Her voice here is easily distinguishable since the three’s voice are not so powerful (more like cute voices).For the dance,yeah she still is the best!

Maeda Yuuka– This girl really stands out,right???..When I first watched the PV,I immediately noticed her compared to the others.No wonder she has a strong fan base.The expressions she made in the PV also impressed me.

Wada Ayaka– The group’s leader.I really wonder why other people dislike her.I admit that for me,she does have a unique voice but not as good as Saki’s and Kanon’s but she can really sing!For the dance,she’s good!No doubt about it!She keeps on improving and I can really see that!!!!

Fukuda Kanon – My 2nd favorite member.At the start of the dance shot version (after the ‘Wahoo’ part) she made a mistake on her hand movements.But she didn’t repeat the same mistake again on the later part…..And Kanon’s overloading with cuteness!!!!…Expressions and voice and her innocent face stood out too!


The release of the single will be on August 03,2011!Everyone,please do grab a copy of this amazing single from our beloved S/mileage!!!!


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