Buono! Natsu Dakara Review

31 Jul


Here I am posting again and this time it’s time for my reviews on newly released MVs.

First,Buono!’s ‘Natsu Dakara’.

The group’s latest single ‘Natsu Dakara’ (Because It’s Summer) was already released last July 20,2011.

For everyone to know,I have read that this period of the year is also Japan’s summer season,so the single’s title and theme really fits the current atmosphere in Japan right now.

The music is somewhat mellow and slow which is something new for Buono! since the group’s been focusing on cutesy and rock genres of music.The second voices which goes like Ruru Blue Sky~ Ruru Sunshine~ adds a beauty to the rhythm of the song and I was also surprised by the high pitched lines near the end of the chorus (for me it’s cute).

The line distribution is somehow a bit annoying for me.Apparently Airi got the most number of lines which is not a shocking fact for me (I really admire her voice).But knowing Buono! and being their fan for years,I’ve seen the group in a different light compared to the other H!P groups since the line distribution is fair enough.You see almost all of the groups only have 2 or 3 main lead vocalists despite of the groups’ having large number of members like Morning Musume always having the Ai-Reina lead.

The music video is really different from what I have expected.The theme really appears to me to be so ‘lady-like’.There’s this scene taken in a garden,on a sofa,on a veranda(?),in front of the aquarium.There are also individual close ups and group shots in different attires.The girls for me,somehow were given enough screen exposure so that’s an OK for me.

Woah~!The last pic is the also the Mv’s last scene and it pretty reminds me of Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! (Miya’s in the center).

Now for my rating,I’d give this single a thumbs up!
Hooray for Buono!’s new image!

Everyone,support this single and spread the Buono! love!!!!


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