Al-Shedre’s 18th Birthday Mini Celebration

14 Jul

Yesterday,my classmates and I (the 80% of the class of the 2nd year Political Science students..some went home already that’s why we were not complete) celebrated our classmate’s 18th birthday!

Al-Shedre just turned 18 and we joked around that HE just turned into a lady.He’s a guy but yeah,we were making fun of him telling him that it’s his debut (debut happens to a girl when she turns 18).Nope,he’s not a homo or something.He’s a straight guy but teasing him is kinda enjoyable and I think he enjoys it too! XD

Every Wednesdays we have our Spanish class every afternoon from 1pm to 4pm.Right after our Spanish class,one of my classmates announced that a certain professor wants to have a small talk with us in the school canteen.We all tagged along to the canteen.When we were there,we surprisingly sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song to the birthday boy.The story about the ‘prof thingy’ was just an excuse to lure Al-Shedre to the canteen.It was a real success!!!

So about the food,we had ‘Biko’ (Rice cake).We donated small amounts of money and one of our classmate was assigned prepare it (he’s good in cooking).Good thing the Biko was divided equally to each of us.

A folder with printed pictures of Al-Shedre and messages from us inside was given to him as a gift.He was touched by the present and he was about to cry! Awwwwww~! 🙂

The day was terrific and I can say one of the most memorable moments.We celebrated our friend’s birthday but also we had strengthened our bond.

A few pictures!!

The photo above is my classmate who made the awesome Biko!


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